Why is Facebook Marketing Effective?

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Why is Facebook marketing effective?

Why is Facebook marketing effective? It’s effective because it can connect with your ideal audience. If you have a 34-year-old man as your target audience, then Facebook can hyper-focus on that person as well as people just like him. You can run ads to connect with those people. Now you need to make sure that your ad content is good. You want to have great images. You want to have great videos. Our world is really focused on videos and images. So, you want to get them to slow down to see it, and then from there, you want them to read your copy. Ideally, your copy is going to sell and drive that person to go and make a purchase either on the Facebook platform, or on your website, or another mechanism. Maybe it’s on Amazon or wherever you’re sending people to make purchases. That’s why Facebook marketing is so effective.

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