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When you work with us at KARMA jack, you get a team of experts offering all-encompassing internet marketing services. If you’re still wondering, “What is internet marketing?”, you can think of it as an umbrella term for the many services used online to market and build your business. Amongst these digital marketing services lists are social media advertising, SEO, website design, email marketing, all of which help you find and connect with your dream audience.

Having our trusted team for all your internet marketing services saves you and your business precious time. Instead of putting in days or even weeks of work on internet marketing service tasks, just send one email and let us handle the rest. We’re the marketing arm you’ve always wanted that lets you focus on your work while we bring the leads right to you.

Facebook Advertising How To

Has your business had trouble figuring out how to make your Facebook advertising click with your audience? There are a number of effective, time-tested, data-driven strategies that we use at KARMA jack as your digital marketing services provider.

First off, you need a hook that people actually want. Sweetening your deal with benefits such as free shipping, free trial runs, or donating a percentage of proceeds to an important cause can all help your Facebook ads connect.

Next, it’s crucial to understand retargeting. Simply put, retargeting your best customers and most engaged leads has higher conversion rates. This builds reliable, long-term audiences that will want to keep coming back time and time again.

Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Digital Marketing Strategies diagram social media marketing tips

Two important factors that go hand-in-hand are keeping your messaging short and sweet, and making sure your pages look nice and neat in mobile view. So much of e-commerce and internet marketing services are geared towards mobile sales. In a nutshell, walls of text don’t draw in audiences, especially on mobile devices. You need to make sure your ads are fine-tuned for phones, and can draw in your audience’s attention in mere seconds. Oftentimes, less is more.

Utilizing videos is another effective method for attracting an audience with Facebook advertising. Video ads allow for creative storytelling and innovative ways to grab attention. Pair these strategies with Facebook’s automatic ad placement, and you can effectively reach audiences that are interested in and searching for the types of goods and services you offer.

Facebook advertising is just one of many items on the digital marketing services list that KARMA jack offers. We’ll use all of this knowledge and more to make your Facebook ads click with your audience. If you’ve been asking yourself, “What internet marketing services near me can help my small business with Facebook advertising?”, KARMA jack is exactly what you’re looking for.

Advertising With Instagram

Have you been wondering, “What do internet marketing services look like for Instagram?” Don’t worry, we have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to help you every step of the way.

Instagram isn’t solely for the younger generation. As it stands, e-commerce has had massive success on Instagram with lead generation. When you choose KARMA jack as your digital marketing services provider, you receive excellent Instagram Marketers to help your business connect with your ideal audience.

What Target Audience?

With our digital marketing team, you can have a schedule of friendly reminders and calls to action for clients. We’ll build your branding so customers think of you first when considering the types of goods or services you offer. Given that Instagram is a visual-driven platform, we use innovative and effective content creation to make you stand out from the noise. Whether it’s photography, videography, or your brand aesthetic, we’ll get more eyes on you to accomplish long-term, sustainable growth.

Choosing KARMA jack for your internet marketing services provider means choosing 5-star service, accountability, and a dedicated team that is excited to help you for the long haul. Let’s build your audience with Instagram advertising together.

Google Ads Specialist

Of every area in the digital marketing services list, Google Ads can be one of the most intimidating. If your company isn’t sure where to begin with Google Ads, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right team. KARMA jack utilizes the vast reach of everything Google-related to make sure you’re searchable, seen, then profitable.

As your Google ads specialist, we create effective strategies that coincide with your goals as a business. If your business needs help being more searchable on Google, we use our vast keyword research and knowledge to boost your SEO (search engine optimization). Then, potential leads will have a much easier time finding you on Google.

While managing your Google Ads campaigns and analyzing the data, we’ll create a sustainable path forward. As your digital marketing services provider, KARMA jack will improve your pay-per-click (PPC), leads, and revenue. It takes the right team to navigate it properly and get you a return on your investment. Our PPC experts know what works and what doesn’t with Google.

If your PPC is falling short, your business is struggling to be easily searchable on Google, or even if you’re brand new to Google Ads, we’ll build a data-driven strategy for your long-term growth.

Social Media as Marketing Strategy

Instagram photos of be well and social media marketing tips

Social media use has exploded over the past couple of decades in virtually every demographic. If your business isn’t utilizing social media to its fullest potential, we’re here to help you change that. Every social media platform is an opportunity to build your audience.

When it comes to content creation for social media, it can be overwhelming when you’re brand new to the idea. That’s where we come in. Our team helps with streamlined processes to make creative, original content for photos, videos, and design. If you’re unsure about social media marketing for your niche market, don’t worry. We hyper-target demographics that are interested in your business with social media ads. That way we can acquire high-quality, exclusive leads that are genuinely interested in what your business can offer them.

Our experts will review your social media with you and guide you to success. We hold our clients and ourselves accountable to have better content and create real results. As your digital marketing services provider, we complete a full digital marketing analysis and give you a plan. We’ll work together to do what works best for your brand and your following.

Content Creation on Social Media

Creating great content makes our paid advertising more effective. Our social media marketing agency will guide you to an effective way to get more leads with social media. For social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can count on us to always provide exceptional service, effective strategies, and the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Email For Marketing

Running successful email campaigns are a huge part of successful digital marketing. They’re a great way to stay engaged with your audience, keep them up to date with any news or promotions, and even find new exclusive leads.

Email marketing is one of the many internet marketing services you’ll get with KARMA jack. Our team will create expertly-designed email campaigns and newsletters built around your branding. Utilizing effective calls to actions, landing pages, and scheduled emails, we’ll keep drawing in new leads while maintaining their engagement on a regular basis. Plus, we’ll use retargeting to achieve long-term growth that you can rely on.

If you’ve been telling yourself, “I need to find internet marketing services near me that can boost our email marketing,” KARMA jack is ready to be your new digital marketing agency. Let’s build together.

Website Design Company

Reference of website design

Your business deserves a web design company that knows what they’re doing. If your website isn’t generating traffic, has trouble converting, or is difficult to search on Google, it’s time to work with a team that will build a website that you can be proud of.

As a part of KARMA jack’s internet marketing services, we offer services such as full website design, website development, and management. Your website is a reflection of your business, and we’re ready to help make your website wow your visitors.

Our clients get a full plan on how their site can improve. It’s usually a fraction of the cost to build a new website and in most cases, KARMA jack is able to open up the floodgates of leads in a matter of weeks. If you need website design for small business, we’ve worked with numerous companies just like yours to boost their traffic, leads, and revenue. Our case studies can back them up.

Web Design FAQ

Web design and development includes a wide variety of services. Search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, content creation, interface design, and website management are all services that are included.
SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making a website rank higher on Google searches. Essentially, this means making your company more searchable so you can connect with your audience more easily. The better your website’s SEO, the quicker potential leads will find, visit, and convert on your website.
Web design refers to the actual look of your website. Web designers work on the aesthetic, layouts, and overall image to your website. Web development, on the other hand, refers to the actual programming. This includes the coding required, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make the website function as intended.
Website design is a crucial component of digital marketing. Your website builds directly into your branding as a business. Everything from layouts to colors to usability, your website is a reflection of who you are as a company. An expertly-designed website is critical for generating traffic, finding leads, and creating sales.
There’s a number of reasons your website isn’t converting. One of the most common reasons is making your website too confusing and time-consuming for your audience to make a purchase. We see this all the time, where a business has valuable goods or services that audiences would like, but their website takes way too many clicks to find what they want. In our fast-paced world, you need to engage your audience clearly and quickly. When you work with KARMA jack, our dedicated team of experts gets to the root of your website’s problem to make it as effective as possible.
Yes! In addition to our website design and development we also offer on-going website management to keep things running smoothly.
Yes! In addition to our website design and development we also offer on-going website management to keep things running smoothly.
Our digital marketing and web design team have the knowledge and skills needed to build traffic for your business. We use our expert knowledge of keyword research, SEO, content creation, and web design to bring your dream audience to you. Bottom line, we hustle hard and we only do what works. When you work with us, you get a team that follows the data and gets results.
A landing page is a page on your website that is designed with one specific goal in mind. These are used to get potential leads to “land” on a page for that goal, whether it’s to make a sale, sign up for a newsletter, or inform them about your business. At KARMA jack, we utilize highly impactful landing pages to hit your goals and generate high-quality leads.
A call to action (CTA) is a prompt to get a potential lead to take the next step in your business’ goal. This includes buttons to “sign up now” or “shop now” to funnel leads towards the action you’re aiming for.
At KARMA jack, we give our clients a full plan on how their site can improve. It’s usually a fraction of the cost to build a new website and in most cases, KARMA jack is able to open up the floodgates of leads in a matter of weeks. To get a specific idea for the services you’re looking for, visit our pricing page.

SEO For Website

Reference of SEO on Courtyard Manor website

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a major component of internet marketing services. When we boost your business’ SEO, what we’re doing is making your website rank higher on Google. The higher you rank, the quicker and easier your business will show up. That way, high quality exclusive leads have easier access to your business.

When your business utilizes SEO with Google, it makes a world of difference. Your ideal audience is out there, searching for businesses just like yours. We want to get more eyes on you and make your company their first choice.

When you work with KARMA jack, SEO is a big part of our digital marketing services list. We’re here to generic authentic, organic traffic to your website and convert them into reliable, long-term quality leads.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of making your business more easily searchable. This is achieved through keywords, frequently searched questions, and similar queries filtered through a search engine’s algorithm. A search engine sorts results based on how relevant a search is for the specified topic and keywords. We complete thorough SEO and keyword research to incorporate into your websites, ads, and marketing to ensure that your business is accessible, easy to find, and relevant to your ideal audience.
Absolutely. SEO is crucial and highly effective, especially with our team of experts at your back. SEO is different from PPC (pay per click) ads, which means you aren’t paying for each click, ensuring the traffic is organic. Organic searches from SEO are often responsible for half of all website traffic. Simply put, if you aren’t utilizing SEO with Google, you are doing your business a major disservice and missing out on exclusive leads.

Your company should have a well rounded approach to your website traffic.

SEO is considered a long-game. It can take 9 months before organic traffic gets to your site. And that’s if you did the SEO work correctly. PPC is nearly instantaneous if landing pages are strong and campaigns are set up correctly.

We advise our clients to blend the two methods. We also believe driving more traffic to a website will speed up the SEO optimized pages because Google sees the activity of the traffic on the pages and ultimately rewards web pages that convert.

If we had to choose one, we would pick PPC advertising over SEO because Google updates their algorithms over 3200 times a year. This means any work you did 6 months ago could be negatively affected by an algorithm change today.

Social media engagement does not directly influence your website and search engine optimization ranking. However, social media does go hand-in-hand with digital marketing and builds your overall branding, engagement, and builds your audience.
Don’t worry. Our internet marketing services team completes the SEO research for your business. We complete a strategy for you and create a path forward for sustainable growth. Bottom line, we follow the data and only do what works.

Blog Writing

One of our most frequently-used internet marketing services at KARMA jack is blog writing. You may be wondering why having a blog is important if you aren’t currently utilizing them. However, blog writing is a crucial component of the digital marketing services list.

First off, blog writing is a great way to funnel in traffic to your website. Utilizing SEO, blogs can bring in potential leads that are searching for topics your blogs cover. Another important reason why having blogs is important is that they are perfect for your branding identity. Our team will cover topics relevant to your audience and build your brand voice into your blogs.

Effective blogs are long-term, efficient ways to build an audience and gain new leads along the way. Our team will combine blog writing with calls to action and expertly-designed landing pages to convert incoming traffic into exclusive leads.


At KARMA jack, we excel at creating efficient, compelling copy for your ads. As your copywriting agency, we’ll create copy that draws in leads and strengthens your branding. Impactful copywriting will boost your image, draw in customers, and educate potential leads on what you offer and why you’re worth their time.
While these two terms sound similar, they actually refer to two different ideas. Copywriting is focused on marketing. That means the writing is used to advertise your business and generate revenue. On the other hand, content writing is focused on a specific area or topic. This is not done to advertise a product or service, but rather educate a demographic about an area you wish to discuss. Content writing is done in order to build your branding image and your trust with customers. It can also be effective in driving in traffic for potential leads searching for relevant topics you cover. This is the major difference regarding copywriting vs content writing.
Yes. Copywriting for social media is crucial for digital marketing. With the right team, your social media copy can draw in interested audiences and create long-term leads. Ineffective copy means you may as well be throwing away money. However, as your copywriting agency, we’ll strengthen your branding and only do what makes sense for your business to maximize your ROI.
Efficient copywriting offers a wide variety of benefits for your business. First off, effective copywriting boosts engagement and encourages your audience to interact with your business. Second, it’s highly valuable for cutting through the noise and making your business stand out. Copywriting also is paramount to building your image and generating interested audiences.

Graphic Design Artist

Reference photo of graphic design material

Your designs and aesthetics are often the first thing a potential customer experiences from your business. If your visuals don’t immediately draw them in, you’ve already lost their attention in a world that moves extremely quickly. That’s why graphic design is absolutely critical for internet marketing services.

The graphic designer definition is someone who creates visual ideas to reflect your branding, communicate your business concept, and captivate their attention. This includes graphic design for logos, website layouts and aesthetics, and emails. Virtually every area of your business requires graphic design.

When you choose KARMA jack as your digital marketing services provider, you get a team of passionate graphic designers that are excited to make your visual branding stand out, wow customers, and communicate that your business is a high quality, worthwhile investment.

What Is Brand Voice?

Diagram of branding
Brand voice and tone is the personality your business uses to communicate to the world. Finding your brand voice and tone is an important part of distinguishing your business from the competition. What makes you different? How do you stand out?

What Makes Your Business Unique?

At KARMA jack, we love helping companies discover and utilize their unique, specific brand voice. We develop strategies and plans to confidently apply your brand voice and tone that works for your business.

Our case studies include brand voice examples of how we’ve transformed businesses to have unique, impactful brand voice and tones. When you work with KARMA jack for your internet marketing services, you work with a team who excels at giving your business an innovative and effective brand voice.

Professional Photography

It happens all the time: a potential customer visits a business’ website, sees that their photography doesn’t look professional, and immediately loses interest.

Photography is a critical component of the branding for your business. If the first images they see don’t pass the test, you’ve already lost them. This is why professional photography makes all the difference when it comes to the visuals of your business.

Our creative team has access to hundreds of content professionals around the country to handle your professional photography needs. We excel at giving your image the boost it needs to reflect the quality of work you do. Put your best foot forward with KARMA jack, and we’ll guarantee that your photography and branding has never looked better.

Creative Video Agency

Video content is a great way to get more eyes on your business. That’s why we offer video content creation as a part of our internet marketing services at KARMA jack.

Video content opens up new doors to creative storytelling and branding for your advertisements. With so much of e-commerce occurring through mobile sales, content such as video ads on Facebook have become a game-changer in digital marketing.

We’ve worked with numerous businesses offering vast varieties of goods and services as their creative video agency to help them connect with their target demographics. We have the experience, skills, and know-how for making engaging content that actually works. If you’re looking for video ads on Facebook, Instagram, and your website, KARMA jack has you covered.

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