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Our Humble Beginnings: Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

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KARMA jack CEO, Joel Sellentine

In 2017, Joel Sellentine saw an enormous opportunity for smaller sized businesses to grow their companies quickly and profitably with digital advertising.

His previous endeavors saw massive success because he focused on what matters most; a profitable return on investment.

Knowing digital marketing is the way of the future, he founded KARMA jack™ to help businesses successfully grow.

The company began growing rapidly, so it was time to assemble a team of digital marketing superstars.

Enter: The Full Service Internet
Marketing Dream Team

We have a Midwestern hustle-harder work ethic and the output of a fancy LA agency.

Whether it’s e-commerce or service-based industries, our team of experts is constantly growing so we can adapt to any facet of their internet marketing needs.

We always work harder, smart and go above and beyond for our clients.

Your Business Growth Starts Here

Digital Advertising That Works. An Internet Marketing Company That Works Even Harder.

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We have a team of multi-faceted professionals

● As our number of clients grows, our work ethic increases.

● We promise to never spread ourselves too thin.

● You’ll always get the attention you deserve. No matter what.

● We get businesses an incredible amount of new leads.

● We have been drastically increasing our clients’ revenue.

We’re the marketing arm you’ve always wanted!

The Multi-Faceted Internet Marketing Strategy Approach

As an internet marketing agency, we approach all sides of the industry.
We customize your branding and do only what works best for you.

Digital Advertising

Web Design


We Grow Businesses With Marketing That Works

Your success is ours. Let’s build together.

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What We Provide

● 5 Star Service
● Accountability
● Sustainable Growth
● Long Term Solutions

What We Avoid

● Pushy Sales
● Letting Things Slide
● Making A Quick Buck
● Short Term Solutions

What We Want

● More Eyes On You
● Growth For Your Business
● Collaboration & Teamwork
● Being Your Forever Team

Our Leadership Team of
Online Marketing Experts

Every member of the KARMA jack team has their own speciality.
When we work together? We can do anything.
Here are just a few of the faces you’ll meet.

What We Can Do For You

What’s different about this digital marketing agency? We approach all sides of the industry.

We customize your branding and do only what works best for you.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, all of it. Social media advertising is MASSIVE.

Whether it’s updating or building from scratch, we want your website to be your favorite place on the internet.

Our team creates content and schedules your posts so you can focus on growing your company.
Our creative team has access to hundreds of content professionals around the country to handle your needs.
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KARMA jack utilizes Google’s vast platform to make your business more searchable and profitable.
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Artificial Intelligence

Connecting with your target audience using AI technology to reduce costs.

We’ll say it. KARMA jack is DIFFERENT.


Halley Karas, COO, comes from 5-star service hotel leadership. Her ability to execute on strategies while creating an unbelievable customer (you) experience far exceeds any type of service a “marketing company” offers.

Joel Sellentine comes from a business background with an innate ability to see a clear path to growth. He was fed up with bad digital advertising companies that bragged about “impressions” but didn’t get results. So he built a the company not from a marketing agency owner’s perspective but a business owner’s perspective. . . If it doesn’t drive revenue, it doesn’t make sense.

KARMA jack™ is an Internet Marketing Agency built on solid principles of service, quality and results.

When you reach out to us, you will not get a sales pitch.

You WILL get rock-solid advice on how to grow your business.

You WILL get a clear plan that you can execute yourself, hire someone else, or hire us. We just want you to be successful and believe in giving.

We only share with you services that you might need. Most owners are surprised when we tell them, “hey man, you only need to do these 3 things”.

Sure, we’re an online marketing company, but the value we offer gives you the added bonus of having consultants on your team.

We love to help and willingly provide amazing internet marketing services to all business that request information. But we don’t work with every company. Sorry!

Each business is carefully vetted to ensure we see a high return on their investment.

If you’re looking for an online marketing company that pumps out generic garbage, you’re looking at the wrong company.

The KARMA jack team will create a uniquely designed marketing strategy just for your business.

Every business is unique to its own. Your marketing must meet your vision. That’s why our Internet Marketing Agency makes a lasting impact and our clients stick with us for years.

Our exclusive marketing system blends hyper-targeting with social media, landing pages that convert, and remarketing to provide structure that provides long-term, sustainable growth. Your 5-star, full-service, Michigan based marketers will keep you ahead of your competition while you save money from wasted costs.

Demographics & behavior
High intent nurturing

Get A No B.S. Consultation On Us!

Whether or not you end up working with us, we make sure every call will give you exceptional value. No, seriously. We don’t hold back.

We love helping businesses and promise to give you more than you’re looking for. Sound good?

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