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What Is Advertising?

Advertising is a means of communicating with an audience to get them to take a specific
action, whether it’s signing up for services or buying goods and products. From Google ads to Social media
advertising including YouTube advertising, LinkedIn ads, TikTok, Facebook ads, and more — the list goes on.

What is the Difference Between
Marketing & Advertising?

Marketing helps you recognize what your customers need. The process of coming up with a business plan, doing the research, analyzing data, and implementing strategies are all a part of marketing. This also includes crucial areas such as customer service, brand management, and networking for valuable relationships.

Advertising is the promotional efforts you make to increase exposure to your business, product, or service. Not every ad has to be about making a sale. The goal could be to get your audience to read your blog, follow you on social media, or visit your website. Advertising encompasses areas like brand awareness, engagement, and educating your audience.
Advertising Agency

What Makes a Good
Advertising Agency?

When you hire an advertising agency, you don’t just get a handful of people to make a commercial. You get a team that does the research, makes a plan, and handles the entire process. At least, that’s what you get when you hire KARMA jack.
We focus on building relationships between customers and businesses to create long-term revenue flows rather than flash in the pan short-term sales. We drive business results with a blend of strategy, creativity, technology, and analysis.
We work to help you connect with your audience, get more eyes on your business, and make your advertisements as effective and engaging as possible. We harness the power of our creative professionals, including copywriters, graphic designers, data analysts, social media managers, and more. With a whole team of experts behind you for the price of less than one employee, KARMA jack is the Swiss Army Knife of Advertising.

What Social Media Platforms Do We Use
to Grow Your Business?

 Your Facebook page is your public presence. It is the foundation of your business’ online marketing strategy, providing valuable information to your audience while allowing you to build brand awareness, track advertising, collect audience insights, and provide customer service.

It’s not just for the younger generation. Brands have found massive success through Instagram. Be the voice of authority in your industry, and the name customers think of first when they're ready to purchase.


LinkedIn is a valuable tool to share your expertise and grow your network by connecting with other professionals. It's also a great way to market job openings and attract new talent to your company.


This rapidly growing platform offers a playful and creative environment perfect for short, bite-sized content. Stand out from your competitors, reach a global audience, and watch your engagement explode.


Google is the first place potential customers look when searching for products and services like yours in their area. Your Google My Business listing shows where and how to visit your business, as well as customer reviews. It is also highly beneficial for your business’ SEO ranking.


YouTube has an astonishing audience that continues to grow daily. It is much cheaper than advertising on television, and allows you to maximize your demographic with specific ad targeting. As your advertising agency, we have the experience, skills, and creativity to craft engaging video content for your YouTube channel.

KARMA jack at Meta Boost Small Business Studio

Yep, that Meta.. the parent company of Facebook AND Instagram. Small Business Studio is Meta’s new virtual and in-person initiative to support small businesses and they kicked it off right here in Detroit.. with us! It was an honor to be the only Detroit Digital Marketing Agency asked to speak to hundreds of small businesses by the biggest name in social media.


The Importance of Social Media

Social media is an ever-changing landscape. When you create a good foundation for your business, you can be ready to adapt and stay relevant. KARMA jack's Halley Karas, Jono Diener, and Olivia Maldonado discussed the ins and outs of social media marketing and how Meta can be a game changer for businesses of any size.

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Marketing for Michigan Small Businesses

Business owners often feel like they have to juggle managing every aspect of their business, including marketing. The thing is, marketing is a full-time job. That's why companies like us exist. We had the opportunity to teach local business leaders how to consolidate their marketing strategies and create meaningful content.

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KARMA jack is THE Detroit Marketing Agency

Detroit is home to KARMA jack, and it is so rewarding to be able to share our passion and knowledge with local business owners and uplift our community. We connected with entrepreneurs that share the same pride and background and were able to give them unique insight into the Detroit marketing landscape. 

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Advertising Brain Food

YouTube Strategy

YouTube Strategy

Advertising ROI

Advertising ROI

Advertising FAQ

Digital advertising agencies should have the capabilities to create, plan and execute advertisements for clients. KARMA jack focuses on getting your advertisements in front of as many eyes as possible to generate more leads, more sales, and a better return on ad spend. Beyond running your ads on social media, we are capable of being your full marketing arm.

We run social ads for clients. That includes Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Google Advertising, YouTube Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising and more. We test to see if the ads are working, tweak them if they’re not, and continually go where the data and money tells us to. We are not a set it and forget it company.

The number one skill of a great advertising manager is to do what works best for the client. Other areas of expertise and skill sets that we proudly have on our team:

  • We have great minds with analytical skills
  • Creativity goes a long way
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • People skills with both client and their customers
  • Multi-tasking while being attentive and accessible

Your account manager will be with you every step of the way. We tell your brand story through your advertising to entice a new audience, and continually evolve to fit the needs of your business. Our advertising managers understand that social media advertising is all about following what the data tells us and never taking blind swings.

Social media marketing does not need to cost a fortune. Small businesses waste thousands of dollars boosting posts themselves without guidance. Instead, have a team test out advertisements and follow the results. That’s how you grow. Plus, with KARMA jack, you can get an entire team of experts for  the fraction of the cost of just one employee.

Don’t be embarrassed! We’re here to educate and help you dominate. These are crucial things to know in the marketing world

ROI – Return On Investment

ROAS – Return On Ad Spend

PPC – Pay Per Click

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