How To Get More Out Of Your Day

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How to Get More Out of Your Day

karma jack hack get more out of a day The problem with that is I was less effective and I was exhausted in the evenings.Try this Life Hack by Karma Jack!  It’s an extremely effective life hack on how to get more out of a day by combining a nap with coffee at the same time.

What?! That’s right. We call it a Cofee Nap. . . You basically get two days worth of work in one by allowing your body to shut down, recharge and bounce back as if it were the start of a new day.

Here’s How To Get More Out Of Your Day

  • Quickly drink a cup of coffee, a shot of espresso or iced coffee
  • Set your phone alarm for 22 minutes
  • Close your eyes and count backward from 100
  • You wake up refreshed & energized in less than 30 minutes. Boom!


Thou Shalt Let Your People Nap

I have been religiously doing this Life Hack for about two years with incredible results. I’m more focused, energized and able to conquer more in a day when I take a coffee nap (or just a nap).

As a leader, I encourage our staff to coffee nap. I’m sure this sounds crazy. However, I see better results with a motivated group of people loaded with energy than a group of zombies trying to get through the day.

Break Away & Energize Your Day

I didn’t always believe in breaking away during the day. Certainly not to take a nap! I fact, most of my career was focused on just trying to work more hours.  I felt I couldn’t afford to break away. Not even 30 minutes. That’s a problem.

The problem is, I was a less effective leader, I lacked focus as the day wore on, and I was exhausted in the evenings which affected my family.

So, about two years ago, I decided to change and forced myself to break away at work. I walked out of the office no later than 2 pm every day, jumped in my car, slammed a coffee, & put the seat down. In the beginning, this was extraordinarily hard for me to do while running a multi-million dollar organization in a highly competitive industry.

And just like that. . . Boom! The Coffee Naps worked! I was focused, attentive, had more energy, led more effectively, and had more energy when I got home to my family. I quickly longed for my 2 pm sneak away time.

This is why I continue to religiously take a Coffee Nap (or nap) every single day. It’s also why I encourage our staff to do the same. You can get more out of your day too by using this Life Hack by Karma Jack

Try it and let us know what you think!

By Joel Sellentine

PS: My coffee of choice is Detroit Bold. It’s strong stuff and they give back to the Detroit community.


Coffee Nap Featured on Detroit Bold Coffee Company Blog

Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Megan Arthur, recently wrote an article featured on The Detroit Bold Coffee Company’s blog. The article, “Looking for a Foolproof Energy Boost? Try a Coffee Nap!” gives a perfect recipe to get more out of your day.

Read these snippets on how to get more out of your day and check out the full article here.

Try a Coffee Nap!

Everyone gets that feeling at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Unmotivated and tired. Work is piling up but you just can’t focus and it appears as though this problem can only be fixed by a nap. You have been told over and over that a quick 20-minute nap is the key to boosting low energy levels in the afternoon.  . . It is called a coffee nap!

So, what is a coffee nap anyway?

A coffee nap is when you drink a cup of coffee, and then go a take a 15 to 20-minute nap right after. Common sense tells us that caffeine will keep us awake, but it actually takes around 20 minutes for coffee to go through the GI tract and enter your bloodstream. That is the perfect amount of time to sneak in a quick nap before the caffeine actually kicks in. . .

First, you have to drink a cup of coffee. This coffee needs to be drunk fairly quickly so the caffeine doesn’t enter the bloodstream too early. An iced coffee or a shot of espresso would be best. Then, you should immediately go take a nap.

The nap should be no longer than 15 to 20 minutes to make sure you don’t go into too deep of a sleep. If you do, you will end up being more tired when you wake up. . . 

Even if you lay down and enter an almost sleep-like state, it will be just as beneficial. Once you have awoken, the caffeine should be just entering your system, leaving you with energy from both the coffee and the nap.

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