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PPC Conversion Rate – What Is It And How Can You Improve It?

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PPC Conversion rate - What is it and how can you improve it?


Although the conversion rate varies for different industries, the average Pay Per Click conversion rate is nearly 3.75 percent and 0.77 percent for display networks. If your PPC conversion rate is below the 3.75 percent benchmark, you will need to do some work to increase your conversion rate! 

If you are struggling with your conversion rate, don’t fear! We are here to help you increase your PPC conversion rate tremendously.

What is your current pPC Conversion Rate?

Before we delve into improving your PPC conversion rate, do you know your current PPC rate?

You can’t change what you don’t know; knowing where you are will enable you to know the amount of work to put into improving your conversion rate. To begin, track all current conversion from all existing PPC campaigns, this information is easily extracted from the platform you are using to run your campaigns. If you are using Google Ads just extract the data and follow up with each rate. With this information, you will know which is good to go and where you need to spend your time. If you need some more info on Google Ads conversion rate, check out some more info from Google.

If you are running only one campaign, compare the PPC rating with the previous months and come up with more progressive tactics that will push your PPC conversion rate to the top.

Remember that this is not a change and ignore the process, you should keep track and ensure the PPC conversion rate gets better.

Search for your competitor’s best keyword.

ppc-conversion-rateSpying on your competition isn’t always a bad idea if it will help you improve. By inquiring about the keywords that are making them rank higher, you will know how best to improve your PPC conversion rate. The keywords will enable you to target your specific demography, know which keywords are relevant or not. You can use the SpyFu tool to get a complete list of top-ranking keywords, number per click and how the audience responds. Use those keywords in your campaign and include paid keyword data to better your PPC strategy.

Remove all negative Keywords to improve your PPC Conversion Rate

negative-keywords-affect-ppc-conversion-rateKeywords that don’t add value to your page should be removed immediately; this is the first stage of improving your PPC conversion rate.

How will you determine negative keywords?

Any keyword that doesn’t bring leads or make the conversion is not viable. To ensure that all negative keywords are removed and not used mistakenly in the future, add them to the Google Ads negative keyword list, this will save you money and help improve your PPC quickly. 

Choose and use the correct keyword match type.

Google Ads offers three match type for keywords. 

  1. Phrase match – these are specific keyword phrases that allow you to target a particular result during your search.
  2. Broad Match – these are results shown for searches that consist of a particular word in any order or by whom. This enables you to get more clicks.
  3. Exact match – these produce exact search result for the keyword typed in the same order the words were arranged. They are target specific hence has a higher conversion rate.

However, since we are looking to improve our PPC conversion rate you should only use the broad and phrase match keywords to enable more people to see you.

Try re-marketing for a Quick PPC upgrade!

PPC Conversion Rate

Retargeting happy customers can be is the best way to boost your PPC conversion rate, the process involves using ads to keep customers interested and motivate them to make a purchase. These in-your-face ads reintroduce your brand to them and boost sales for you.

In fact, over 70% of marketers invest in remarketing increase sales and improve PPC conversion rates.

You can also try portioning your lists with Google Ads and then remarket them to previous customers who visited the landing pages. 

Something you should always consider when spending money on re-marketing or targeting the same people twice, is that this does limit the amount of money you are spending on bringing in new customers. Make sure you consider what is best for your company relative to your budget.

Make your landing pages better!

When you start an online business, you need a page that welcomes visitors to your site, this is the landing page or as we call it the reception room. This page will determine who stays and who goes. If your landing page is not appealing, your PPC conversion rate will drop. Check out some great examples of landing pages here!

In addition to getting a clear goal in mind, you need the page to be impactful, informative, and easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, load faster, and accessible. A good landing page should also have excellent and engaging content that caters to your customer’s needs. A good landing page example is that of the lyft – the crisp clear and clean message. Overall, a good landing page should enable a visitor to sail through the page effortless performing all activities in a breeze.

Use mouth-watering offers.

ppc-conversion-rateWho doesn’t like the juicy offer? Everyone does; so rather than sell plain contents that won’t engage your clients, offer them something they can’t resist; this will translate to more leads and conversions and more sales.

So the next time you are below-average PPC conversion rate, think irresistible offers that will entice potential customers. The offers can be a buy-one-get-one-free, a discount they can t let go or an unbelievable promotion.

Remember though that the offers MUST be genuine else you risk losing more and dropping below the average PPC conversion rate of 3.75 percent.

Creating relevant Ad Copy.

As mentioned above, creating a mouth-watering offer requires ensuring that your ads are relevant to the content customers are receiving. The ads MUST match the offer and be related to your landing page. If your ads are offering a free trial period for a particular duration, ensure you have a link that will take them directly to where they will get started. No gimmicks or third-party links. Customers abhor those petty tricks.

Never assume that every click is a conversion until you have a customer on your landing page.

Optimize the purchase funnel through proper analysis.

Customers take different routes to achieve the same endpoint. Some start at understanding the brand before making a purchase and others follow a different way. However, being able to figure out the different paths customers follow on a sales funnel and optimize them is a big boost to your PPC conversion rate?

If you dint know how to optimize your sales funnel, use Google Analytics; it will provide a detailed analysis of customer behavior before and during purchase so that you can track your customers and know how to influence their online decisions.

Furthermore, ensure, your page is mobile-friendly and compatible for desktop users.

Make your ad quality score better for an outstanding conversion rate

If your ad score is great the PPC conversion rate will be outstanding. This is because the CPC will reduce and increase your reach and visitor’s experience increases overall. However, three factors can damage your quality score according to Google, they are

  • The probability that your ad will be clicked
  • Ad relevance
  • How significant, open and easy to navigate your landing page is

 With these three factors under consideration, you can improve your PPC quality score by doing the following

  • Make the landing page better
  • Use the right keywords
  • Ensure your content is tip-notch
  • Ad placement is paramount
  • Let your ad copy match the landing page
  • Ensure quality ads for particular audiences
  • Always organize your AdWords profile

Finally, keeping track, and monitoring your PPC campaign is the best way to ensure they are performing well. By following the above, your PPC conversion rate will increase and your website will gain more ranking on Google search engine.

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