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9 Simple Ways to Increase Organic Site Traffic to Your Website

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Increase Website Traffic: 9 Things You Must Know

To increase website traffic and increase online business sales, you want to make sure that you use proper SEO (search engine optimization) which maximizes the number of visitors to your site by ensuring that it appears high on the list of search results. No one has time to look on Page 3 of Google for a result, okay? There are far too many cat videos and fail compilations for us to finish watching.

increase website traffic - what is organic traffic? And how to increase organic traffic to your website

9 Steps on How to Increase Organic Visitors to Your Website

Even better than having quality SEO is its cousin: organic search engine optimization. Pay-per-click advertising can be extremely costly, and organic SEO helps you boost your website for no cost other than your time.

Simply put,

  • Organic SEO = more traffic to your site
  • More traffic to your website = more sales
  • More sales = more revenue
  • More revenue = awesome

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s review a few simple ways to increase organic SEO to your sites.

  1. Understand your target audience. First and foremost, you must know to whom you’re addressing your content. The key to organic SEO is creating informative and high-quality content that resonates with your ideal buyer. You must understand your audience, the issues they want to resolve, the keywords they use in search queries, and the things they are interested in seeing in a brand and product.
  2. Blog. Yes, blogging can be pertinent to increasing organic site traffic. This allows you to include more detail than your website will enable you to and creates an area with quality content directly related to your target audience.
  3. Be engaged and link. Additionally, you want to read, comment, and link to other people’s sites and blogs and hopefully they will reciprocate the actions, attracting more prospects for your business. Google prioritizes sites that have a lot of incoming links from trustworthy websites so the more inbound links, the higher your site will rank. Take caution, however, because some links can damage your SEO. Click here for more info
  4. Use Social Media. Similar to a blog, but much easier and less time-consuming. Building a social media presence helps get your name and website known around the internet. Share your unique content, link to your website, blog, articles, and other social media accounts.
  5. Be Consistent regarding everything that your website produces. Make sure that you post articles and blog posts often but don’t skimp out on the quality. The more high-quality content that you have, the higher the likelihood of organic traffic coming your way.
  6. Do a content audit.  Remember that while having a plethora of high-quality content is preferable, having only a few high-quality pages trumps having a ton of low-quality pages. Low-quality pages weigh down the rest of your website and should be deleted or edited to increase the quality of your site.
    • Keep content that is relevant and get a lot of traffic.
    • Consolidate/merge content that has identical keywords (they compete with each other and instead of debating on which one to rank, Google doesn’t rank either one)
    • Remove dead pages – ones that have little to no traffic, no links, etc
    • Improve the quality of weak content, keywords, and site tags
  7. Improve ranking through keyword research. The pure art of improving the rank of keywords you are already ranking for is the quickest and easiest way to improve traffic to your website. A simple tool to use to do so is SEMrush, include your website name, go to positions report, find the words with the highest potential, and improve the rank.
  8. Expand with Secondary Keywords. These can also be called long-tail keywords, but they are essentially slight variations, re-wordings, or alternate ways to say the same thing. In other words, you can cover more bases on the way someone will search for a particular query and increase the chance of them finding your site.
  9. Utilize Ongoing Backlink Acquisition. As mentioned earlier, links are essential in various areas of increasing your SEO. Domain-level and page-level backlinks consistently top Moz’s search engine ranking factors survey. To truly benefit from this, you must continue to acquire backlinks. Most people focus all of their time on content creation and none on link building, as seen in the first diagram by Matthew Barby, but you have to build authority to help rank the content that you are producing. 

how not to start seo campaign

However, the second illustration shows how the process should be done. To do so, you can steal your competitor’s links, keep a database of people likely to link to you and perform “shotgun” outreach.

how to start a seo campaign

Now that you have a sound basis of information on how to increase organic search engine optimization, always start with the quick-win opportunities first.

Which tactics will you use to increase website traffic organically?

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