Why use Dynamic Ads on Facebook?

Facebook Dynamic Ads

When your ad campaign goal is to generate sales or leads for your business on Facebook, you can use a few different ad types. These types of ads include Multi-product, Collection, Canvas, Lead, and Dynamic ads. For this article, we will cover what dynamic leads are and their importance. So, why use Dynamic Ads on Facebook? 

What is a Dynamic Ad?

Facebook dynamic ads are a way for companies to display products or services to consumers based on their interests. The ads show items to the right people, even if they have never heard of your business or been to your website. Who these ads will be displayed to will depend on your ad’s selected audience.

There are two types of audience targeting options for dynamic ads. These audience types are retargeting and broad audiences. I will explain these below as along with other crucial reasons to use dynamic ads.

Why use Dynamic Ads? Four Key Reasons

  1. Custom Experience:  Dynamic ads will automatically place your products in front of consumers based on their behaviors and interests.  
    1. For example, Julie loves jewelry, and she has been looking at it online. Your company sells jewelry and apparel. Dynamic ads would show your jewelry ads to Julie and not your apparel ads. 
  2. Continuous Optimization: Dynamic Ads is an automated ad campaign that promotes and enhances your products without configuring each ad. 
  3. Reach New Customers: By using a Broad Audience targeting in your ads, you can reach new customers interested in products like yours. 
    1. A broad audience is not only a customer that has come to your site and not purchased anything but also a customer who has visited sites with similar merchandise. 
  4. Retarget Customers: Remind customers of items they looked at online or put in their cart without purchasing. This will remind them of what they are missing out on and hopefully drive a sale!


If you are looking to boost sales and leads for your business, dynamic ads are a great tool. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also self optimized. They are a way to reach your existing customers and entice new customers to buy your products or services. 

Please stay tuned for more social media marketing and advertising tips!


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