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Why is Facebook Marketing Important?

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Why is Facebook marketing important?

Why is Facebook marketing important? It’s important because it should fit within a comprehensive (360) view of your digital marketing efforts. Facebook is not the only answer. Facebook is part of the answer. You want to also do email marketing, text message marketing, and utilize your website. In Google advertising, you want organic traffic going to your website. Another thing you want is people to see your reviews and say, “Wow, this company is amazing! They’ve got all these five-star reviews and I totally want to buy from them.” Facebook is a major part of that. What’s great about Facebook is that you can connect with your ideal audience and pull them into your sphere. When you do that then you can do all these other remarketing and retargeting. You can get more business. Then you can retarget those people and you can ask for referrals and so on. Facebook is a major part of your overall business strategy.

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