TikTok: Everything You Need To Know To Grow Your Business

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First of all, what is Tiktok?

The social media craze is known as “TikTok” has taken the world by storm. The social media platform lets users view, like, comment, and browse a variety of short videos posted by other users. According to oberlo.com, TikTok has achieved over 689 million monthly active users worldwide. The app itself has been downloaded over 2 billion times on the app store and google play. In addition, it has been ranked as the topmost downloaded app in Apple’s iOS App Store

The secret to TikTok’s success lies in its catchy advertising and a huge database of music, filters, and movie clips, all of which allow users to put their comedic, modeling, and dancing skills to the test. Another cause for their success is their powerful algorithm, which learns which specific content is suitable for a specific user, and TikTok can deliver on their needs much faster than any other social media platform.  

According to Pew research filings, as of June 2020, 91.9 million Americans use TikTok every month, and 50 million are on the app everyday.  Since it’s US debut in 2018, its user base has grown 800% between January 2018 and June 2020 with the prospects of further growth.  It’s safe to say that this app won’t face implosion anytime soon. 

Where TikTok began

TikTok is cut from a lineage of popular social media platforms, beginning with the app Musical.ly which launched in Shanghai in 2014. Musical.ly attracted global attention, gaining a healthy audience and business relationships that expanded to the United States. This caught the eye of another tech juggernaut named ByteDance, who was already onto something special. In 2016, ByteDance had launched a service similar to Musical.ly named Douyin, which had attracted millions of users of its own. Both ByteDance and Musical.ly were successful and figured they would grow together under a name they could both share. The two came together in marital bliss, and this union, in 2018, brought a child into this world named TikTok.

Editing on TikTok

To understand the app and its trends, you will have to play with it because editing is significant. Learning how to edit a video on TikTok reasonably wouldn’t have been something you desired to do a few years ago. Editing videos may seem very overwhelming. But TikTok’s very user-friendly interface allows anyone with little to no experience to edit their videos like a pro.

Filming your TikToks

Make sure your video is around 15 to 60 seconds. There is also a timer that can be set to start recording after 3 or 10 seconds. Tapping on the record button will let it film video until it reaches the end of the 15 or 60 seconds, but holding down on it will allow you to also zoom in and out as the video is recorded by sliding your finger up or down the screen. When you have finished recording one section, either take your finger off the screen or tap the record button to stop it. Then, repeat until you have finished recording all the sections of your video. If you mess up a section, then don’t panic – just hit the delete button, and it will get rid of the last recording.

Programs to Edit your TikToks

There are multiple different ways to edit videos outside of the app as well. This includes other video editing apps and adobe premiere or rush. Any video on your phone can be posted on TikTok, but it is preferred that it is filmed in portrait mode. With adobe, you were able to crop your video to the relevant aspects of portrait mode. Obviously, it will cut off the sides of your main video. So if you are using a professional camera to get better image quality for your TikTok, be sure while filming you keep your main subject in the middle.

Adding Sounds and Filters

All of the video editing platforms mentioned will allow you to add music and some type of filter. But to make sure your video does not get taken down or muted, it is wise to add your music in from TikTok before you post. To edit your videos in TikTok, you will have to add different elements to your video. So when you’re done filming or put in a pre-edited video, you might want to add music. To add music, tap the sounds icon at the top of the screen and either search for the music here, or you can choose from the featured sounds. You can record your video while the music is playing, or you can add it later. Next, you can add a filter because why not! These filters can soften your face, add eyelashes or put a background from across the world.

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Dos and Don'ts of Tiktok

Now that you know how to edit your videos, let’s look at some quick tips to use so you can gain exposure and grow your following quickly.

Be strategic with branding

Don’t only make videos ads

When you are taking your business to Tiktok your goal is to promote it. But, do not make your TikTok solely an advertisement for your products. Display your company with pride in specialized videos that are more personable.

Do include your other social media

If people are curious about your company, they may not know where else to find you, so you can include your other social media handles in your bio — even with a direct link to make it easier!

Do post regularly

Once you begin posting, make sure you post frequently. Whether it is two times a day, daily, or every other day. Tiktok is a fast-paced app, if you are not making content, it will not reach people.

Formatting your TikToks

Don’t wait

When thinking of a video to create, make sure that the most vital information is at the beginning of the video. It is simple, if the content does not catch people’s eye, they will scroll. The videos with the highest CTR get their message out within the first three seconds.

Don’t use pictures

Tiktok is known for being a video app, make sure you take advantage of that. Utilize a combination of single-take videos and videos that are edited from multiple shots. If you wanted to include a picture, it may be better suited for Instagram.

Creating Content

Do trends

Trends are a great way to appeal to followers and those who come across your page, it shows that you are relatable and up-to-date. Try to hop on trends early though, because they come and go within a matter of seconds.

Do utilize popular sounds

Similar to video trends, songs trend as well. In using popular sounds, people can look through different videos using just that sound, giving your video a higher chance of being seen. And once again, it helps appeal to followers.

Don’t use too many hashtags

Hashtags are tricky. You want to use hashtags that are specific to your video, but not too specific where no one would find them. For example, if you do a challenge, include ‘#xchallenge’ in your caption. But, do not include #KARMAjackdigitalmarketing in it. Hashtags like #fyp, #foryoupage also do not help much. Those hashtags put your video in a sea of millions of other videos, and they make your caption looked cluttered as well.

Don’t say too much in your caption

On Tiktok, you’re limited to only 100 characters, so keep it short and sweet. Include a joke, something relevant to the video, or a social media handle.


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