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Get More Patients & Grow Your Practice

Get More Leads

Using a Dental Marketing Company is a great driver to target your ideal audience and turn interested people into your regular patients.

Grow Your Practice

We know what it takes to expand your practice and get more smiling teeth in seats! Don't settle for stagnant, it's time to GROW.

Smile More, Worry Less

Our dental digital marketing experts handle everything from Social Advertising to SEO for websites. Now you can just focus on dentistry!

Marketing For Dentists Shouldn't Feel Like Pulling Teeth

With social media constantly changing, it can be incredibly difficult for multi-tasking dentists and their marketing person to keep up. Well, we have good news!

We’re a dental marketing company full of experts ready to get you more patients and grow your practice. Get found on Google, Social Advertising, Building Websites, Running Social Media, PPC, and a whole lot more.

You deserve a team that hits deadlines, creates and executes effective marketing strategies, and most importantly gets you a real ROI.

Think of us as your Virtual CMO.

KARMA jack's Approach to Dental Marketing

It takes hard work, not magic, to do what we do.
Our agency of dental digital marketing experts deliver the results you deserve.


First, we learn about you and your practice.

Just like the dentists themselves, we’re well aware that every practice has different needs. The copy and paste approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to effective advertising. We’ve seen time and time again that inauthenticity leads to brick wall results. So we pull from our conversations, competitive data, and create something special. Our goal: data-driven business growth!



Customized dentist marketing strategy!

After we talk to you about your practice, our whole team puts our heads together to create a completely customized marketing strategy. When we’re handling everything from social advertising to email marketing, we make sure each service is being operated by an expert in the field. We pull from previous data, industry trends, and your story to craft something that works. It’s time to get you more patients and a solid stream of leads!



We flip the switch and start the show!

This part is always exciting. We see the marriage of analytics and creative come together into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, SEO blogs and websites, Social Media, and even creative projects like professional photography and videos. All of this done with purpose, not just a cosmetic reason. We want to set a solid foundation for you to get exclusive leads, more patients and grow your practice. 



Think that was it? Nope! Digital Marketing is an ongoing process to get great results!

The fun doesn’t end there. We’ve been getting our clients a great ROI because we relentlessly check data and adjust to make sure we’re always growing. Just like the social media landscape, advertising trends are constantly changing. Our job is staying ahead of them so you see the benefits! Now let’s grow together.



Does My Dental Practice Need Digital Marketing?

The Dentist Marketing Plan

Facebook Advertising

With close to 3 BILLION monthly active users, Facebook and Instagram, are the most popular platforms out there. Let's get that target audience!

Websites and SEO for Dentists

We build, design, and maintain websites that are rich in quality SEO to get you found on Google. Update your site or build from scratch!

Social Media for Dentists

Our team creates content and schedules your posts so you can focus on growing your company. Our content strategy is purpose driven, not fluff!

Build Your Branding

From logos to your brand voice, we help your dental practice with branding that carries you for years. You deserve the branding you've always wanted.

Photography & Videography

Our creative team has access to content professionals around the country to handle your dental marketing needs.


We're here whenever you need us. How can we help you tweak your dentist marketing to see ROI? We're always ready.


We utilize Google's vast platform to make your business more searchable and profitable. Yes, this includes YouTube ads!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Connect with your target audience using AI technology to reduce costs. It's data-driven and incredibly effective!

Something to Smile About

Karma jack client review
Karma jack client review
Karma jack client review

Our Favorite Success Story

We’ve saved one company OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS in wasted ad spend!
And we currently serve over 117 dentist offices across the country.

You Know The Drill... But We Know Digital Marketing.

We understand that bringing on an agency is a big decision! Unfortunately we continue to see Dentist Offices across the country try to multi-task themselves into madness. Doing everything yourself spreads your focus too thin, and either takes much longer or things start to suffer. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We got you!

Our Team of Dental Marketing Experts

Every member of the KARMA jack team has their own speciality.
And you’ll never find us lying through our teeth. We’re real people.
Here are just a few of the faces you’ll meet.

Digital Marketing Agency CEO - Joel Sellentine

Joel Sellentine / Founder

KARMA jack digital marketing agency detroit halley

Halley Karas / CEO

KARMA jack digital marketing agency detroit JONO

Jono Diener / Creative Director

Digital Marketers Have Fillings Too

We work with dentists, but we’re also patients. We know what people want!

What We Provide

● 5 Star Service
● Accountability
● Sustainable Growth
● Long Term Solutions

We Avoid

● Pushy Sales
● Letting Things Slide
● Making A Quick Buck
● Short Term Solutions

We Want

● More Eyes On You
● Growth For Your Business
● Collaboration & Teamwork
● Being Your Forever Team

The Human Element

We know what makes people smile.
Digital marketing data + the human connection.
We tell your story so ANYONE & EVERYONE can understand.

Facebook Advertising

Dental Marketing Company Facebook Advertisement

Is your practice having trouble figuring out how to make your facebook advertising click with your audience? Or, has your dentist office not even implemented social media as of yet? Believe it or not, social media such as Facebook can be an incredibly effective platform to grow your dentist office. There are a number of effective, time-tested, data-driven strategies that a dental marketing company can provide.

A dental marketing company can help you create a business hook that will get your Facebook audience genuinely interested in your service. For example, part of their dentist marketing plan can include sweetening your deals with benefits such as free consultations.

Another highly useful dentist marketing idea for Facebook is retargeting. In a nutshell, retargeting means engaging with your most reliable customers and promising leads to create high conversion rates. An effective dentist marketing agency can help retarget audiences and create customers for the long-term.

If your Facebook ads have been struggling to connect, there are numerous reasons why that is. In many cases, there are two problems that often appear. One, the Facebook ads for your dentist office might not be concise and impactful enough. Second, they may not be developed with mobile view in mind. In a nutshell, walls of text don’t draw in audiences, especially on mobile devices. A dental marketing company will make sure your ads are fine-tuned for phones, and can draw in your audience’s attention in mere seconds. Oftentimes, less is more.

Another crucial area of dentist marketing plans includes videos for your Facebook ads. When you hire a dentist marketing agency, you get a team that can utilize these in engaging ways. Video ads allow for creative storytelling and innovative ways to grab attention. Pair these strategies with Facebook’s automatic ad placement, and you can effectively reach audiences that are interested in and searching for the types of goods and services you offer.

Advertising With Instagram

Dental Marketing Company Instagram Advertisement

Instagram isn’t solely just for the younger generation or for e-commerce. In fact, your dentist office has the potential to gain high-quality, exclusive leads on Instagram. A dental marketing company will help you find and connect with your audience.

One of the best elements of Instagram advertising is the ability to schedule friendly reminders and calls to action for clients. This can be especially useful for reminding customers to schedule their dentist appointments, cleanings, and more. Given that Instagram is a visual-driven platform, a dental marketing agency will use innovative and effective content creation to make you stand out from the noise. Whether it’s photography, videography, or your brand aesthetic, they can help get more eyes on you to accomplish long-term, sustainable growth.

Google Ads

Dental Marketing Company Google Ads

One of the most beneficial areas of a dental marketing plan is Google ads. If your practice hasn’t yet delved into utilizing Google ads, a dental marketing company is exactly what you’re looking for.

A Google ads specialist will help you build and carry out effective strategies relevant to your dentist office’s goals. If your business needs help being more searchable on Google, a digital marketing company will use our vast keyword research and knowledge to boost your SEO (search engine optimization). Then, potential leads will have a much easier time finding you on Google.

One of the most widely searched phrases are from locals searching for “dentists near me.” If your dentist office isn’t utilizing Google ads, you’re probably being buried further down in Google ads. On the other hand, a Google ads specialist will be included in your dental marketing plans to help get your business back at the top. That way, valuable customers looking for services you offer will find you quicker, easier, and convert more readily.

Email Marketing

Dental Marketing Company Email ADS

Running successful email campaigns are a huge part of successful digital marketing. They’re a great way to stay engaged with your audience, keep them up to date with any news, and even find new exclusive leads.

Email marketing is a valuable tool in your dental marketing ideas. Getting potential leads to sign up for newsletters can be effective for running promotions. Or, use them to direct towards your blogs and lead magnets to build brand image and awareness.

Of course, scheduling and reminding customers of appointments can easily be done through email marketing as well. When you make life easier on your customers, they’ll keep coming back again and again. If your clicks need a boost converting, email marketing can be an efficient way to make that happen. Ultimately, it’s another valuable service for your dentist office that you’ll get with digital marketing.

Website Design

Dental Marketing Company Website

If your website isn’t generating traffic, has trouble converting, or is difficult to search on Google, it’s time to work with a team that will build a website that you can be proud of. A dental marketing company is exactly what you’re looking for.

Simply put, your website is oftentimes the first impression you’ll be giving to potential customers. Potential leads will take one look at a poorly designed website and find someone else to meet their needs. On the other hand, web design and development makes all the difference. When your website looks as professional as your business, you’ll find it much easier to draw in leads.

Proper website design also makes it much simpler for potential leads to convert. If your website requires a lot of scrolling and clicking to convert, you’re leaving money on the table. A dental marketing company will design your website to be as accessible as possible so customers can quickly and easily get what they need.

SEO for Websites

Dental Marketing Company SEO Keywords

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a major component of internet marketing services. When a digital marketing company boosts your SEO, your website will rank higher on Google. The higher you rank, the quicker and easier your dentist office will show up. That way, high quality exclusive leads have easier access to your business.

Utilizing SEO with Google makes all the difference. Your ideal audience is out there, searching for businesses just like yours. A dental marketing company will get more eyes on you and make your company a customer’s first choice.

SEO helps generate authentic, organic traffic, which converts easier. When potential leads in your area are searching for “dentists near me”, you want your business to appear right at the top. This is a crucial step in a dentist marketing plan, and a digital marketing agency can make that happen for you.

Blog Writing and Copywriting

Dental Marketing Company Blogs

Blog writing can be used for a wide variety of reasons, all of which are helpful to your dentist office. First off, a dental marketing company can create blogs for your business that utilize SEO to draw in organic leads. Essentially, blogs are helpful for brand awareness.

Second, blog writing can boost your dentist office’s brand image. Creating helpful, educational blogs can make customers more engaged with your content. More engagement means more conversions. Plus, when customers see that you’re creating genuine content relevant to their interests, it makes your image more positive and welcoming.

Effective blogs are long-term, efficient ways to build an audience and gain new leads along the way. A dentist marketing agency will combine blog writing with calls to action and expertly-designed landing pages to convert incoming traffic into exclusive leads.

Nothing makes an ad fall flat like bland copy. A dental marketing company will help you excel at creating engaging, impactful copy. When you have a team to fulfill your copywriting needs, it will draw in leads and boost your branding image for your practice.

Graphic Design & Brand Voice

Dental Marketing Company Graphic design

Your designs and aesthetics are often the first thing a potential customer experiences from your business. If your visuals don’t immediately draw them in, you’ve already lost their attention in a world that moves extremely quickly. That’s why graphic design is absolutely critical for your dentist office.

A graphic designer is someone who creates visual ideas to reflect your branding, communicate your business concept, and captivate their attention. This includes graphic design for important visuals such as logos, website layouts and aesthetics, and emails. Virtually every area of your business requires graphic design.

Simply put, graphic design quality makes a huge difference. It’s all part of your image. If your graphic design is lacking, potential customers will immediately gauge your dentist office as unprofessional. Hiring a dental marketing company will make sure your visuals are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and impressive to your customers.

Brand voice and tone is the personality your business uses to communicate to the world. Finding your brand voice and tone is an important part of distinguishing your business from the competition. What makes you different? How do you stand out? A dental marketing company can help you establish a consistent, unique, and relevant brand voice for your business.

Dental Marketing Brain Food

Whether or not we become your new team, we want to educate you on the future of the industry.

Our Awards & Partnerships

Karma Jack Awards - Top Advertising and Marketing Agency in Michigan

Dental Marketing Company FAQ

Web design and development includes a wide variety of services. Search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, content creation, interface design, web design on WordPress, and website management are all services that are included.
Internet marketing is an incredibly vast topic. Yet with nearly everyone online, your company needs internet marketing. But where do you begin? The answer is you should allow KARMA jack to help clear the confusion and give you a SIMPLE plan. Of course based on your company goals.

SEO is crucial and highly effective, especially with our team of experts at your back. SEO is different from PPC (pay per click) ads, which means you aren’t paying for each click, ensuring the traffic is organic. Organic searches from SEO are often responsible for half of all website traffic. Simply put, if you aren’t utilizing SEO with Google, you are doing your dentist office a major disservice and missing out on exclusive leads.

Your company should have a well rounded approach to your website traffic.

SEO is considered a long-game. It can take 9 months before organic traffic gets to your site. And that’s if you did the SEO work correctly. PPC is nearly instantaneous if landing pages are strong and campaigns are set up correctly.

We advise our clients to blend the two methods. We also believe driving more traffic to a website will speed up the SEO optimized pages because Google sees the activity of the traffic on the pages and ultimately rewards web pages that convert.

If we had to choose one, we would pick PPC advertising over SEO because Google updates their algorithms over 3200 times a year. This means any work you did 6 months ago could be negatively affected by an algorithm change today.
There’s a number of reasons your website isn’t converting. One of the most common reasons is making your website too confusing and time-consuming for your audience to make a purchase or sign up for a service. We see this all the time, where a business has valuable goods or services that audiences would like, but their website takes way too many clicks to find what they want.
A landing page is a page on your website that is designed with one specific goal in mind. These are used to get potential leads to “land” on a page for that goal, whether it’s to make a sale, sign up for a newsletter, or inform them about your business. A dentist marketing agency will utilize highly impactful landing pages to hit your goals and generate high-quality leads.
A dentist marketing agency and web design team have the knowledge and skills needed to build traffic for your business. They will use their expert knowledge of keyword research, SEO, content creation, and web design to bring your dream audience to you.
Yes. Copywriting for social media is crucial for digital marketing. With the right team, your social media copy can draw in interested audiences and create long-term leads. Ineffective copy means you may as well be throwing away money. However, a copywriting agency will strengthen your branding and only do what makes sense for your business to maximize your ROI.
Efficient copywriting offers a wide variety of benefits for your business. First off, effective copywriting boosts engagement and encourages your audience to interact with your business. Second, it’s highly valuable for cutting through the noise and making your business stand out. Copywriting also is paramount to building your image and generating interested audiences.
We can! Our graphic designers to incredible work when it comes to branding businesses and dental practices. We want you to see the visual representation of our your practice feels. We make it accessible, modern, and to serve the purpose of drawing more people toward you!
We’d love to chat with you to make sure you get exactly what you need for your practice! Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. It’s also worth noting, we go month by month, so there’s no stressful long-term contracts!

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