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How to Respond to Google Reviews

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Guide: Responding to Google Reviews for Business Owners

You are seeing your business in motion and you are managing it each day, however, it is important to manage it online as well! Customers typically look to Google reviews for business needs they search online to determine whether or not they should engage. The best way to gain a positive online presence is to respond to the good and bad Google customer reviews. Here are the steps on how to respond to Google reviews.

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Steps to Responding to your Business Reviews on Google

1.) Sign in to Google My Business by navigating to business.google.com. You can also use the Google My Business app on your mobile device. To respond via Google My Business on your mobile device: Open the Google My Business app through the App Store. Tap “Customers” and then tap “Reviews”. Once there, tap the review to which you’d like to respond. After you’ve written your response, tap “Send”. 

2.) Once you have signed in, click on the three gray horizontal bars in the top left-hand corner to choose your listing/business. “Main Menu” should pop up once you hover over it with your mouse cursor.  After you click on the three gray horizontal bars, the main menu tabs will open up. 

3.) Next, click on the tab “Manage Reviews”. Once you find a review that you want to engage with, click the button “Reply” to type out a response!

Why should I respond to Google Reviews?

By responding to Google Customer reviews you: 

-Are able to stay on top of what customers are saying about your business 

-Have the opportunity to make improvements to your business whenever and wherever necessary 

-Identify your business’s strengths to harness 

-Improve your local SEO

The importance of managing your Google reviews for business success cannot be understated. Be sure to frequently monitor your Google My Business reviews and respond appropriately. You will be sure to see a significant difference in your overall business. Now that you know how to respond, learn the best practices for crafting your responses to Google My Business reviews – both positive and negative! 

Emma Mastel - KARMA Jack Digital Marketing Agency

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