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Google BERT Update and Why It Matters

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Google BERT

Why Google BERT Matters?

Not long ago Google introduced Google Bert, an update designed to regulate how search queries are handled. The update is an artificial intelligence that aids Google in gaining a better understanding of the language elements in search phrases. Google BERT can also be said to provide better and more specific results for longer and more complex search phrases. For example, an online user can now ask “can dogs and cats cohabit in the same environment?” and get accurate results provided. 

Google BERT predicts intent and provides results

It’s easy to believe Google BERT is made majorly to aid voice search because most people are conversational when using voice search. However, from Google’s examples, the major purpose of Google BERT is to aid anyone who is not fluent in the use of the English Language. Google BERT predicts what a speaker is about to say, makes contextual summations and provides results based on the predictions. 

At the core of Google BERT are context and concepts. This shows the efforts Google is taking to understand both experienced and amateur Google users. 

Google BERT will influence tracked local rankings

Sites that frequently make use of rank tracking tools might observe changes in their local and organic rankings. But this will only occur when the update has kicked off, and the sites improved by the update have experienced an impact on their site rankings for brief keywords. This is because when an SEO keyword is put in a rank tracker, they are often short-tailed phrases e.g. “pet treatment”, and BERT is not made to change these results. 

Search Engine Optimization also does not use tools for tracking long-tailed phrases, hence the tracked rankings are expected to change when there has been an impact from the natural language optimization. So if your website gets more attention due to the Google BERT update, you will track more organic impressions, backlinks, and clickthroughs. This will positively impact your search profile and your local rankings. 

Local business websites cannot be optimized for Google BERT

Local business websites cannot be optimized for the kind of unique and complex phrases BERT is designed for. But you can keep using SEO and natural language to create impressive content for online users. While this might sound like the regular advice for online users, it is the best advice there is to give because BERT does not provide any optimization chances. Google is determined to keep the rule of rewarding great contents by ranking them highly. For this reason, people who might not benefit from the Google BERT update will be those who create content specifically to satisfy search engines. To benefit from the update, simply make sure you keep providing content with relevant information that can be understood by human beings. 

Google BERT update matters because it changes major search features which online users are accustomed to. While the changes might prove beneficial for some people, for others it might not be a positive move. But keep in mind the update is still new and over time, might turn out to be a positive change for most.  

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