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The 3 Best Tools for FREE Keyword Research and Excellent SEO

After years of keyword research, we found the top 3 best ways to do FREE keyword research for content marketing experts. There are much more elaborate systems and processes to review. However, when you are looking to quickly find the right keywords to connect with the ideal audience, this is the way to do it.

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keyword tools for incredible SEO research

Semrush Keyword Research

Claiming themselves as a, “versatile online suite to reach ambitious SEO goals with the help of keyword research,” Semrush has a lot going for it.

Over 7,000,000 marketers have already used Semrush. They’re also highly decorated with awards including Best Digital Tool and Best Search Software Tool. For keyword and domain analytics to better backlinks, they are a great asset.

Also worth noting, they should up first on Google, the holy grail of great SEO.


Modern marketing genius, Neil Patel, has not only guided a new generation of experts, but created tools along the way. One of these incredible tools we use daily is Ubersuggest. Learn everything from impeccable keyword research to the health of your site and suggested changes.

To utilize the free key tools, simply go to Ubersuggest and plug in those keywords. Look for low search density and high volume keywords that best describe your product or service. Add that to the list.

Your Keyword Competition

Sure, it does sound too good to be true. But if other companies are massive, maybe they’re doing the right thing with digital marketing? Check out their websites and pay attention to words that may be keywords. If it’s a coffee company, maybe they keep saying, “Small batch roasted coffee” rather than coffee. If it’s a home improvement business, maybe they say, “Top Home Improvement Company.” 

And don’t worry, by viewing this you’re not cheating! Each company should be in control of its own niche and doing something that is a healthy mix of sticking out as well as defining their voice. When you do the right thing in marketing, you will start to see the results. If nothing changes, that’s when it’s time to learn your lesson and revise your marketing strategy.

keyword research

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