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Feature Snippets and Meta Descriptions

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Feature Snippets and Meta Descriptions for SEO

One of biggest things website developers and SEOs miss is feature snippets or meta descriptions on each individual page or product of a website.

Our team of experts often find many sites missing feature snippets / meta descriptions which is sad because it is one of the most important things a website can have for SEO.

SEO with WordPress - Meta Description or Snippet

What is a Snippet or Feature Snippet?

A feature snippet is defined as: “A small piece or fragment of an article.”  Snippet’s can be found underneath the results after googling a specific topic. Here is an example: example of feature snippets and meta descriptions

A ton of businesses do not know that featured snippets can be customized. Most companies leave it to google to come up with their own snippets which tend to be a random mash-up of words. Snippets can be used to your advantage and are like a first impression. Snippets should be sexy and give you a clear and concise statement of what it is you do. This is your chance to grab the attention of your intended audience, so strut what you got and show it off!

Crafting a Sexy Feature Snippet

Creating a great feature snippet has to begin with the end in mind. Know who your audience is and why they are searching for you. Once you know who and why it is time to focus on HOW you are going to get them to click on you. This is usually done with powerful action words or graphic descriptors. These include:





These words all invoke positive feelings in the end consumer and will make them more likely to click on your link.


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