Exclusive Leads vs Non-Exclusive Leads

Exclusive Leads


So your company has hit a wall with finding new leads. What do you do next? One question on your mind might be debating exclusive or non-exclusive leads. As it stands, there are benefits to both. With that in mind, let us take a look at the benefits of exclusive vs non-exclusive leads.

Non-exclusive Leads

Essentially, non-exclusive leads, also known as shared leads, means you are in competition with others for the leads. Every opportunity for that new lead becomes a tussle between multiple competitors. 

However, there are a few upsides to non-exclusive. First off, they are usually cheaper than exclusive ones. Additionally, there is potential for large amounts of leads to be gained. Essentially, potential low cost and potential high volume. However, there are a few problems with them as well. The high levels of competition means converting on those leads can be pretty tough. Secondly, some bad leads might slip through the cracks in the process. You run the risk of wasting time, money, and effort on leads that are not worth your time.

Exclusive Leads

On the other hand, exclusive leads mean you are the only one competing for that lead. You can think of it as just being in competition with yourself instead of many others. 

There are many benefits to exclusive leads that far outweigh their downsides. First, the quality of leads is much higher. Without the constant noise and struggle of competing with others, you can more easily find and attain high quality leads. Secondly, you have a better chance at converting those leads. You can focus on the leads that are doable, weed out the ones that are not, and truly give those leads a service or product they will enjoy. Since you are the only one contacting them instead of multiple competitors, they are more likely to hear you out and convert.

The Bottom Line

For these reasons, KARMA jack firmly believes that exclusive leads are the true winner. While it can be true that finding these leads might not be as cheap as non-exclusive, you get what you pay for. Better quality leads are always worth it. For example, aggregate sites like HomeAdvisor make home improvement companies compete for leads, when companies should take the time to invest and get quality leads more often.

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