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Digital Marketing Case Study: Montessori Kids Universe

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Digital Marketing Case Study


Montessori Kids Universe is a family of schools that strives to create a safe, nurturing environment that fosters independence, creativity and support. While their business and staff are incredible, they did not generate the leads they needed. At KARMA jack, we continuously add case studies to the mix as our clients experience growth hacking at its best. We identified the problems that were halting their growth, came up with a goal, and achieved the results they  needed. Let’s take a look at this Digital Marketing Case Study for Montessori Kids Universe.

The Problems?

A number of problems were halting growth for Montessori Kids Universe. First and foremost, their website was not proving effective. Essentially, their website was not converting, unable to bring in enrollment. Additionally, they were facing high costs for Google and social media ads. Finally, they were not being found on Google. In brief, this made it difficult to generate new, organic leads.

The Goals

The number one goal was to increase their leads. Additionally, we wanted to boost their web presence so they were found easier. This generates more traffic, and leads to more student enrollment. Finally, another goal was improving the franchise owners’ service experience.

Services We Used

A wide variety of services and skills were used to achieve these goals. Web development and boosting SEO improved their web presence. Utilizing Google ads as well as social media ads generated more leads. Additionally, our social media marketing and growth consulting kept the momentum building.

The Results

We hit their goals in just a short period of time. In under five months, Montessori Kids Universe was generating seven times more leads from Google ads and five times more leads from organic searches. Secondly, their social media engagement improved and generated more leads from Facebook. Their web presence was significantly boosted, and are now able to be easily found through Google. Finally, they achieved 400% reduction in Google Ads cost per conversion. This saved loads of money. In brief, their decision to work with KARMA jack hit all their goals and then some in just a short window of time.

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