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Digital Marketing Case Study: Metal Masters Construction

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Digital Marketing Case Study

This week bring our digital marketing followers on a case study journey. Together let’s head to head to Port Huron, Michigan. Metal Masters Construction company has been doing well, but needed that extra boost. It was something perfect for a digital marketing agency to cover. We put our heads together and devised a plan using proven data to create a clear path to success. This week’s digital marketing case study we focus on Metal Masters Construction.


First, Metal Masters Construction was having problems with lead generation. They had very few. Secondly, they had a poor performing site. Everything from being searchable on Google to even the speed makes a huge difference. We knew we could give their digital presence a facelift.


The product and service was great, but KARMA jack knew we needed to get to work. We wanted our client to see real results, not just a blip on the radar. That’s why we decided to focus on social media advertising. Then social media marketing. This also includes Google advertising. Finally focusing on website management and SEO performance.


We needed to help Metal Masters Construction improve their online leads. By doing that, we would increase their sales numbers. In turn, we’d overall increase their revenue and keep it sustainable. Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t look at the big picture. We always approach every client with a launching pad for continual growth and profit.


We were incredibly excited to get them over 300% online sales growth over the previous year. By sticking to our plan, we were able to make this another successful digital marketing case study. If you would like your business to see real growth, please reach out to us! 

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