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Digital Marketing Case Study: LAmade

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Digital Marketing Case Study

KARMA jack prides ourselves on getting results for our clients. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we are the furthest thing from a set it and forget it company. We fully invest in every aspect of every brand. Whether it’s leads, followers, awareness or return on investment, we have case studies to prove these major wins for both us and our clients. In this week’s digital marketing case study we’re looking at LAmade Clothing.


LAmade was seeing a low return on investment from Facebook and Instagram. Low return on investment for Google and YouTube. They also had no advertising in Pinterest and Snapchat and the revenue was running flat. They make masks during a global pandemic, which obviously is a thing that should sell itself. The product should be performing better, at the very least get more eyes on their page.


After our strategy meetings, we decided it was best to dive deep into social media advertising. This includes Pinterest, Snapchat and Google PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. It’s a crafty, hand-made company so these were great targets to hit. We also utilized Spotify advertising as we knew it had a lot of reach for this type of business.


LAmade was looking for more online traffic, to raise awareness and of course to get more sales. Setting realistic and achievable goals for businesses is a great way to achieve them. Once you see success, you aim higher and hit that. 


Good news. It worked.

In the first three months LAmade saw a 4X return on their ad spend. 2,781% year over year monthly revenue, and their on-page conversion rate increased 71%. That is HUGE. Because we did what was best for the client and product, it performed better than ever. That’s the power of digital marketing.

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