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Digital Marketing Case Study: D7 Dearborn Heights School District​

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Digital Marketing Case Study

In this week’s digital marketing case study, we look into our own backyard. Our Detroit-area neighbors in Dearborn Heights School District #7! We look at this job as a privilege and helping others uplift our future with educations means the world. We were more than happy to get started. That’s why this week we explore the case study on D7.


Dearborn Heights School District #7 was having trouble with enrollment. They turned to a digital marketing agency to get the word out and make a difference. And for us getting to help a school? We were more than up to the challenge.


We decided the best strategy was utilizing Social Media Advertising. That means both Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising. If we could get this amazing school in the eyes of the area, enrollment numbers should boom.


The goal was to simply improve enrollments for Dearborn Heights School District #7. It should be known that we love taking on challenges and uplifting others using our expertise. Digital marketing isn’t just for selling, it can help a lot of people. The more bodies in that building, the more knowledge and education spreads. It continues to add to the building blocks of a better future.


We followed the strategy our team created and got D7 122% growth in new enrollments from 2019-2020. Another digital marketing case study win from your friends at KARMA jack!

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