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Detroit Shipping Company Supports Small Businesses

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Detroit Shipping Company Helps Small Business Grow

Our mission is to help small businesses grow. Any small business. From the small town doctor trying to get the word out on their new practice, to a high-level company ready to take the next step in their business journey, our digital marketing agency is there. For us, the only thing more exciting than seeing a small business grow is seeing one small business helping other small businesses. And if they’re all from Detroit, even better!

We had the incredible opportunity to get to know a fellow member of the Detroit community and we’d like to help you get to know them as well. The Detroit Shipping Company is an eclectic and amazing mix of food, drink, art and gathering space. By repurposing old shipping containers, they create an incredible arena for food vendors to make a variety of delicious dishes, drinks & coffees. Where else can you get dumplings, noodles, burgers and coffee all in one spot? That doesn’t even include all the shops and event spaces. It’s one small business creating a space for other small businesses to grow. How cool is that?!

Our team spent a good part of the day here and had a blast. After all, this is how a Detroit marketing agency supports other Detroit businesses. When our community comes together, it makes all of us better. We all live in this incredible town together and if one small business grows, they all do. No one exemplifies that more than the Detroit Shipping Company, so if you have a desire for delicious food, incredible shopping or just a space to hold your next event, we encourage supporters of local Detroit products services to come to check it out!

If you want to learn more about how KARMAjack interacts with our community, please check out our Good KARMA page.

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