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Stop Letting FEAR Stand in Your Way

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I started taking photos in college. Old school: Dark room, film, mass quantities of chemicals. After college, I didn’t touch a camera for 8 years. I made up every excuse on why I wasn’t good enough and why it was too expensive.

When I got married, my husband encouraged me to get back to my passions. I bought an SLR camera and while you’d think the next part of the story is I began shooting and the rest is history, the reality is I didn’t touch my new camera for a YEAR. It sat in the box. I had the camera yet I still had FEAR. I was afraid to fail. A year goes by and I took some photos of my nieces and my sister in law shared them on social media and they got a lot of positive feedback. I was instilled with confidence. From that day forward I started taking more photos. I’d reach out to people and ask to take their photos for free or I found volunteer opportunities. I practiced. I failed. I failed. I failed and then I practiced some more.

The moral? Stop letting FEAR stand in your way. Second, prepare to fail. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in photography and all of those mistakes have only turned into opportunities to learn, succeed and craft my art. 💜📸

Detroit Photographer - Detroit Photography Company Owner Kara Sellentine

Written by Kara Sellentine, co-founder of Alcamo Photography, a Michigan based Detroit photography company.

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