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Are Instagram Ads Worth it?

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Is Instagram ads worth it?

We are often asked, “is Instagram ads worth it?” ABSOLUTELY!

Instagram ads are remarkably effective to Millennials. In order for Instagram ads to be effective, you need a rock-solid strategy, eye-catching content, and clearly defined goals. 

Instagram ads most effective for businesses that have products or services catering to Millennials and younger. Instagram is the perfect place to advertise if your business wants to reach more Millennials. 

However, before you start advertising with Instagram, you or your marketing agency will need to determine the goals and how to define success.

We do not advise companies to advertise on Instagram if you don’t have clearly defined goals, a commitment to having eye-catching imagery and videos, and a rock-solid Instagram advertising strategy. Without goals, you’re likely to blow your marketing budget without a return on your investment. We recommend you answer these questions to ensure your Instagram ads are effective:

What products or services do I want to offer on Instagram?

Do not advertise everything in the beginning. Focus your Instagram ads spend on what your company does best. We recommend starting with your top three products or services. Put your best product / service forward. 

Who is your audience for Instagram Ads?

Millennials (born 1981-1996) and Generation Z (born 1997-2010) make up a large portion of Instagram audiences. Xennials (born 1977-1983) and Generation Xers (born 12965-1980) also spend a lot of time on Instagram. 

Understand your ideal audience. Who buys your product/service? Who are you trying to connect with? Focus on defining the perfect audience for your company. Then attack it with great images and videos.  

What kind of return on investment are you trying to get from Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads that are most effective have a clear understanding of Return On Investment (ROI) goals. How much are you willing to pay to acquire a new customer? What are your profit margins? What is the lifetime value of your average customer?

What kind of images or videos will be used?

Instagram is an image-first focused platform. Authentic, eye-catching images and videos will attract more people at a lower cost per engagement than canned or tasteless imagery. Make sure you have high quality content for this audience. It will cut your costs and give you the best return on investment.

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