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Are Instagram Ads Legit?

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Are Instagram ads legit?

Yes, Instagram ads are indeed legit. But, how are Instagram ads legit? If you’re a consumer and you see an Instagram ad, you can have confidence that Facebook has vetted it out a little bit. Facebook and Instagram are one business as a whole and they go through a pretty rigorous process and oftentimes shut down ads for potential policy violations. Because of this, an Instagram ad is going to be legit if you’re a consumer. 

Now if you’re a business owner, business leader, or a marketing director, and you’re wondering if it’s worth it for your company to advertise with Instagram. You just need to understand who your target audience is. For instance, if your target market is 55-year-olds and older then Instagram is probably not the right advertising platform to spend your money on. However, if your audience is younger then Instagram is probably going to be a good place for you to advertise!

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