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Are Facebook Ads Free?

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Are Facebook ads free?

Facebook ads are not free. You can set up your free business page and free business manager at https://business.facebook.com. . . But Facebook ads are not free. 

Facebook ads charge based on the type of campaign you are running which is typically impression share or cost-per-click based. This means they charge based on how many thousands of impressions per $ or you are charged per click from your ad. 

Facebook ads can expensive or inexpensive. When done well, Facebook ads can give you incredible return on investment (ROI) results. However, if you don’t have someone managing your Facebook ads well, your ad campaigns can be EXTREMELY expensive and ineffective. 

How can I get a 5x return on my Facebook ads (inexpensive)?

1. Define your ideal products or services
2. Define your ideal audience and buying persona
3. Create a strategy
4. Create images and videos around this strategy
5. Build your campaigns
6. Adjust your ads based on results. This should never end. You or your Facebook ads manager will need to spend concerted efforts to keep your return on investment high. 

How can I blow my marketing budget with Facebook ads (expensive)?

1. Boost posts (Don’t do this!)
2. Have no plan or strategy. (Don’t do this!)
3. Have really low-quality content. (Don’t do this!)
4. Do it yourself. (Don’t do this!) Your time is valuable. Learning how to effectively manage Facebook ads takes time and you’ll likely 5x more than an awesome agency who knows what they are doing. 
A GREAT agency will pay for themselves with a 3.5x or greater return on investment (ROI).


Want a massive return from Facebook ads?

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