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How Web Design Makes Your Website Look Awesome & Gets More Conversions

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How Web Design Makes Your Website Look Awesome & Gets More Conversions

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Hey there. We here at KARMA jack have been making some pretty sweet websites lately. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they also convert! Those two things are rather connected. So, we figured we’d pull the curtain back and share with you our process and how we use web design to drive conversions. But that’s as far as we’ll pull back the curtains, you perv 😉

How Web Design Drives Conversions

A conversion happens when a user performs a particular action that you want them to do. This could be filling out a form, scheduling a meeting, or even purchasing something. A website should have specific calls to action (CTA). When a CTA is completed, that’s a conversion.

The design of your website is an integral part of getting conversions. In fact, your whole website can be subtly constructed to lay out CTAs and funnel people towards conversions. By seamlessly blending the form and function of a website, a good designer can make something that looks cool and performs well too. Those concepts are related. People aren’t going to use a website that looks bad. Similarly, people aren’t going to use a website that’s hard to navigate or confusing. Keeping a website simple, clean, and easy to use will retain users and get you more conversions.

Have you noticed that a lot of websites have similar layouts these days? That’s because that layout works. Most sites have a top navigation menu bar, a brief piece of content explaining what the company does, and a CTA button. Boom. Easy. This is for a few reasons. For one, people are already familiar with this layout, so it’s easy to navigate. Secondly, it lays out the goal. Everything is laid out so you can convert on our call to action.

Good web design can also help with:

  1. Brand Recognition – By having a set group of colors, fonts, and logos, your website can reinforce your brand. A consistent brand across all your materials helps people know who you are and what you’re about. This, in turn, can improve your credibility and trustworthiness. The more customers trust you, the more likely they will convert on your website.
  2. SEO – We’ve done approximately one billion blogs on the importance of Search Engine Optimization. When KARMA jack builds websites, we infuse the backend (meta titles, image descriptions, etc.) with SEO-rich keywords. This allows the very design of your website to help search engines connect people to you. Additionally, SEO can greatly improve a user’s experience by improving a website’s visibility and functionality.

How Web Design Can Get (Even) More Conversions

Above are the basics of how web design drives conversions. But there’s actually several other ways to ensure your CTAs continuously get completed.  

Content, Content, Content

Make content your top priority. As soon as your page loads, your user should immediately be receiving some sort of value and know what you’re all about. Reward them for visiting your page. The best content goes at the top, while secondary info can come as they scroll. This content can be videos, blogs, or images. Anything you can produce that will inform and entice a website visitor. High-quality, organic content is also an opportunity to show you as an expert in your field. These things raise brand trust and improve your credibility. And like we said, the more people trust you, the more likely they are to give you their money.


You never want to confuse anyone. So your web design should always employ a consistent message. You can do this by using/repeating keywords in your site’s copy. It’s important to brainstorm with your team what you want this message to be, so they can remain consistent across web, social and ad copy too. This is also a way to combine SEO tactics with your web design. Hopefully, your brand pillars align with your SEO keywords. This messaging will also hopefully drive people to your Call To Action. Speaking of which…


Make your CTA buttons stand out. It should be very clear what you want your users to do. I mean, look at your favorite website. Usually, the CTA is clear, bright, and easy to find. Having a CTA button that is both visually appealing and clear is A-plus stuff. This isn’t to say you can’t get creative with the wording. Most sites will have something like “Let’s get started!” or “Sign up now!” Whatever will most easily entice & explain will always be best.

Easy To Use

Website performance is another extremely important factor in how web design leads to conversions. We always advise keeping a website clean and clutter-free. Messy websites are confusing. Sure. But they also are slow. The more junk you have on a homepage, the slower the thing will load. Improving a site’s loading speed has a direct influence on its conversions. People are impatient, especially these days. If a website takes more than three seconds to load, I’m outta there. According to Google, around 53% of mobile users tend to leave a site if it doesn’t load quickly. Additionally, even a one-second delay in load time can lead to a 7% drop in conversion rates. So it’s very much in your best interest KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

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Your website will (hopefully) be around for a very long time. So you need to plan for the future and simultaneously make sure everyone and anyone can see your website. Break down any barriers that could bar someone’s access. For example, more and more people are using the internet on their phones. You need to ensure your website is not only accessible but beautiful on mobile devices. There should never be a drop-off in user experience between desktop and mobile. Additionally, you should have transcripts for any audio/visual material you have. Make your site enjoyable for everyone. Not sure how to do this? Ask us for help or an IT rfp

Get Your Website Polished Today!

This is how web design can increase your conversions. Quite frankly, KARMA jack has been killing it in this department lately. So, if your website requires a refresh, please reach out. We’d love to help you!

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