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Website Conversions & Effective Landing Pages

Website conversions are when a site visitor makes a purchase, fills out a form, makes a phone call, or any other event that drives potential revenue to your business.

Effective Websites & Landing Pages

Have you received a business card from someone and then checked out their website, only to be turned off by what you see? Have you landed on a website and felt inspired to act or purchase something because it “just felt right”? Your website is a critical piece of the online marketing component.

When built and managed correctly, your website serves as the primary source of information for current customers. It gives potential new clients social-proof investigation and networking credibility, and probably most importantly, it is the primary source of new leads.

It’s not about you. It’s about them.

Take a minute and look at your site. Is your website all about you? If it is, you’re probably not getting many leads and your bounce rate is likely very high. This is where you want to improve your website conversions. 

Is this how you feel about your bad website conversions?

How is your website helping solve your potential customer’s problem?

As one of the primary places potential buyers go when inspecting your company, your website should be clearly focused on solving problems while establishing high levels of credibility. Most businesses try to showcase their features and benefits while drowning their audience in platitudes.

Nearly every time we on-board a client, we find their current website confusing with unclear messages. Usually, it’s a maze trying to find what they do. These problems are  often related to well-intentioned business owners trying to share their awesomeness in a clever way, but instead, they end up sounding like everyone else. This negatively reduces website conversions.

How is your website or landing page helping current customers?

Depending on what you do, your current customers might want to revisit your site to find more solutions to their problems, to learn from your expertise, to log in to their account, or to find your information in order to receive a service.

Your homepage should solve problems while providing a simple way for visitors to explore a path to solutions that best resonates with their needs. Simply, is your website simple or complex? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Is your site simple for visitors to navigate? Or, have you accidentally created a web of confusion that is certain to frustrate any visitor quickly?

Keep it super simple. Make it simple for people to call you. Make it simple to fill out a form. Make your menu items point to the most critical pages of your site. Website conversions tend to improve with simplicity.

How credible is your website?

Testimonials, awards and badges are necessary to establish trust. However, don’t throw them at the top and make the page all about you. Your credibility pieces should be toward the bottom after you have first established how you can help your new potential customers.  

This seems like a lot of work. Do I even need a website?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Whether you are selling a product or service, your business needs to have an online storefront. Even if it is just one page, you need it, but make sure it’s designed to help others.  

How much does a website cost?

Here’s how to determine what to spend and how much effort to put into a website. Please keep in mind, this is in relation to gaining more loyal customers and to keeping current customers. The goal is not to create some custom, complex site.

"How do I increase leads on my website?"

Michigan Digital Marketing Agency Case Study

If you’re asking this question, you need to improve your website conversions. 

First things first: take an honest look at your site. How are you helping your visitors? Odds are, they landed on your page because of advertising efforts or SEO (search engine optimized) pages. Now that they are on your site, what are they doing? Why are they not buying or filling out your forms?

It’s likely you need to restructure your page to better help their needs. You are probably trying to be someone to everyone instead of focusing on what you are good at. Your message is likely unclear. You might not have the right types of calls-to-action, and your page might not look credible. Why would someone buy from a company that doesn’t keep up with the times?

What are website conversions and why they important?

What is a website conversion?

In most cases, a conversion is considered a form that is filled out, a click to call, a click to email, a chat, or an event such as playing a key video. You must first clearly define your goals and their values. These goals should be set up in Google Analytics so you can accurately determine the success of your website.

What are good website conversion rates?

A good conversion rate is considered to range around 3-6%. If your landing pages have a low conversion rate (1% or below), you’re doing something wrong. If your conversion rate is above 6%, it’s considered to be very strong. Outstanding conversion rates are above 10%.

Our company averages are around 10% conversion rates, and some of our clients have experienced conversion percentages as high as 25%. This means 1 out of ever 4 people who land on the page fill out a lead form.

What can affect my website conversions and pecentages?

Landing pages are a key element to strong conversions. However, your advertising copy must be equally strong. If you have the best landing page but no traffic, it’s not doing you any good. If you have a bad landing page but perfect ad copy, that is also not doing you any good because visitors will go to your page and bounce. Google calls this a low-quality score. You’ll want your quality score to be a 7/10 or higher in order to reduce your ad cost and to increase your conversion percentages.

"What are landing pages?"

landing page of homezone improvements that gets over 25% conversion rates

Is a landing page a homepage?

A landing page is a single page focused on capturing leads or some call-to-action. If your landing page sucks, it won’t work. If your landing page is outstanding, it will work as long as it’s getting traffic. Traffic comes from strong SEO and/or from using advertising methods to drive relevant traffic to the page.

Do I need a website for a landing page?

No. There are programs you can use to create landing pages without having to build a website. However, we recommend your company has a website, even if it’s a simple site, because you will want to have a domain to direct people.

Your website can have an infinite amount of landing pages. The homepage of your website will likely NOT be a landing page because homepages are usually designed as the company storefront. A great landing page is laser focused on one product or service that will help fit the needs of your potential customer.

Do landing pages hurt SEO?

Landing pages with duplicate content can hurt your SEO. Each page of your website should have very little duplicate content or Google could demote your page rank.

You might want to test landing pages in ad campaigns. By doing this, it’s likely you have a lot of duplicate content. You’ll want to block crawlers from reading these pages.

If you don’t have duplicate content issues related to testing, your landing pages should drastically help your SEO because your topic will be very focused on that one product or service.

Website Conversions & Landing Page Check-List

what is seo and website conversions

So how do you take all this information and help improve your website? Follow this checklist:

First, check your ego at the door. If you want your website to work the way it’s supposed to, you have to be honest with yourself.

If you checked any of these boxes, you need to help yourself or get some help. But there is hope!

The reason your site is not performing is likely one of these reasons. Now that you have a better understanding of the problem, you need to find the solution.

If you are tech savvy, you can probably improve your site without expert help. It will just take you time and research.

If your company’s annual revenues are above $2,000,000, you should hire an expert to help get you back on track. Let’s be honest, you don’t have the time to spend on learning an entire industry while running a successful company.

Any reputable company will be able to show you rock-solid case studies of clients they have helped. Be sure to ask for those case studies and to check out their reviews (see—social proof in the works).

Effective websites can be simple. When you have a plan.

1. Determine your goals.

2. Focus your efforts on what works.

3. Hire a SEO company that cares.

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