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The Detroit Grand Prix Presented by Lear Partners with Priority Waste to Drive Sustainability

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The Detroit Grand Prix Presented by Lear
Partners with Priority Waste to Drive Sustainability

The Detroit Grand Prix isn’t just about the thrill of racing; it’s a celebration of community spirit and a commitment to caring for our city. Every year, racing enthusiasts from around the globe gather not only for the excitement on the track but also to experience the vibrant energy of Detroit and support its growth.

One crucial aspect that sets The Detroit Grand Prix apart is its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Last year marked a significant milestone as Priority Waste partnered with the Detroit Grand Prix to achieve the Gold Standard for sustainability, elevating the event to become the most eco-conscious race in the circuit.

This partnership reflects shared values and a shared vision for a better, more sustainable future for Detroit. Together, these partners demonstrate the power of collaboration in driving positive change for our community. From supporting local businesses to implementing eco-friendly practices, this partnership embodies the spirit of unity and progress that defines the Detroit Grand Prix and its impact on the city we call home.

Behind the scenes, Priority Waste handles waste management with unparalleled efficiency. Their logistics driver coordinators work in real-time with drivers to ensure a customer-focused, sustainable approach. By implementing comprehensive recycling programs, using eco-friendly materials, and optimizing waste collection processes, Priority has significantly reduced the event’s carbon footprint. This achievement not only sets a benchmark for future races but also demonstrates what true sustainability means in the context of large-scale events.

Speed and precision are not just for the racetrack. With real-time logistics coordination, Priority executes waste collection with the same efficiency as a pit stop during the race. This behind-the-scenes operation is dialed in to provide a seamless, customer-first experience. As the official sustainability partner, they ensure that every aspect of the Grand Prix aligns with the highest sustainability standards. 

Priority Waste is also the new presenting sponsor of the People Mover, the transportation system that keeps the city connected. This sponsorship underscores Priority Waste’s dedication to supporting our city’s progress and prosperity. They care deeply about contributing to the infrastructure and community spirit that makes Detroit unique.

CEO and Owner Todd Stamper expresses his excitement for being part of such iconic events in the heart of Detroit: 

“What a great time to be a Detroiter, what a great time to be at Priority, and what a great time to be with The Grand Prix. Detroit has come so far. I absolutely love the city and it’s so exciting to see what’s going on. Priority is humbled to be a part of it.”

Detroit has always been known for its innovation and tenacity. The city has transformed over the years, overcoming challenges and emerging stronger. The success of the Detroit Grand Prix, coupled with Priority Waste’s sustainability initiatives, showcases how the city continues to evolve and lead by example. This partnership demonstrates the positive impact that businesses can have on their local communities and the environment. 

The excitement leading up to race weekend is palpable. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of INDYCAR racing!

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