The Advertising Review features KARMA jack CEO, Joel Sellentine

The Advertising Review

The Advertising Review

With a lot of big things happening for KARMA jack, it’s exciting to be featured in the press. The Advertising Review features founders, CEOs and notable leaders in the advertising industry. Every article asks important questions about marketing and advertising as a company. Joel was asked about operating remotely during a pandemic and the future of the agency.

The New Era of KARMA Jack

The heart of our agency is now summed up in four words: Detroit Soul, LA Output. We’re able to deliver when it comes to every facet of digital marketing. Our team of experts are able to execute projects big and small and give our clients the attention they deserve. 

How? Why? What?

It’s because our CEO decided to take the leap to expand while other companies are too worried. Just like the digital marketing we offer, it’s never a gamble when you plan in advance. You calculate the risk and you act on the reward. This was a completely positive and pain-free expansion.

This is also one of the first times we get to speak about the big changes happening with our team and company. First, we have a brand new site! We have an amazing video our team has created. And we’ve expanded to a full creative wing of the company to properly handle all content for our clients. But we can dive deeper into that another time.

Utilizing amazing websites that feature us makes a big difference for our SEO awareness. Yes, we’ll admit it! So we always like to give back and share the love. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a blog, an article, an interview or even a quick mention. When it’s on the internet, it helps! 

We’re grateful to The Advertising Review (also known as The Ad Review) for this great writeup to explain the rest of what we have going on. 

You can read the full interview here: https://www.theadreview.com/joel-sellentine-interview/

Photo by: Bryce Mata

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