Steel Veteran Case Study

Steel Veteran

Case Study

Steel Veteran is a community of veterans committed to leading full, healthy, active lives. They are a non-profit organization that helps those in the Armed Forces transition back into civilian life after discharging. This includes finding valuable resources for veterans, building their community, and more. Steel Veteran was doing incredibly important work. However, they were facing a number of problems to accomplish their goals. Let us take a look at this Steel Veteran case study to identify the problems, solutions, and analyze the results.

The Problems

Steel Veteran was encountering a number of problems. First off, they had no brand. In brief, this meant they had no website and no social media. Consequently, they were not finding the reach they were aiming for. Essentially, they were at square one and needed to move forward.


KARMA jack used a wide variety of services and skills to hit these goals. First off, we implemented web design and web development so they could form their brand. Secondly, by building SEO we were able to help Steel Veteran expand their reach. Finally, through growth consulting we helped keep the momentum building as Steel Veteran expanded.

The Goals

Essentially, Steel Veteran had one goal: to save one life. If they were able to do just that, they knew it would be worth the effort. The life of veterans is not easy, and they wanted to do everything they could to give them the help they deserve. 

The Results

We are happy to say this goal was hit with incredible success! Steel Veteran has now connected with dozens of veterans. Moreover, they are now expanding to larger scale events! 

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