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How to Connect Facebook and Instagram Accounts

When you connect Facebook and Instagram accounts together it will allow you to share your Instagram posts directly to your Facebook account. Linking these accounts will also let your Facebook friends know that you have you are also on Instagram, and you can gain followers.

So, what do you need to do to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts?

Follow the steps below to connect Facebook and Instagram Accounts easily.

Step 1: Log into Facebook and go to your Facebook News Feed; on the left menu, select Pages.

  • If you have issues locating this option, you may have to select the See More option to get to the full list.
Connect Facebook to Instagram Step 1

Step 2: Once you are on your page, click on the Settings option located on the left of your screen.

  • Settings can be found on the very bottom of the Manage Page options
Connect Facebook to Instagram Step 2

Step 3: Under the Manage Page option on the left, select Instagram.

  • You could have a lot of options in this Manage Page section, if you don’t see right off the bat, scroll down to the bottom and start there.
Connect Facebook to Instagram Step 3

You are almost done, I promise!

Step 4: Select Connect Account; this will be on the top middle of the screen.

Connect Facebook to Instagram Step 4

Step 5: A window will pop up to enter your username and password and click Log In.

Connect Facebook to Instagram Step 5

If the process is successful, the top of your screen will now say Connected Instagram Account in place of Connect to Instagram.

Now, your Facebook friends will know you have an Instagram account.  If you follow them on Instagram it is an easy way to get them to follow back!

You can share those fantastic Instagram posts you have made directly to your Facebook Page!

What is the first Instagram post you are going to share on your Facebook page? Do you have one in mind or are you starting fresh with a new post?

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