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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your business with a social media marketing strategy? 

Are you feeling frustrated and tired of posting on your social feeds but can’t figure out why no one is engaging with your content? 

Our team of social media wizards put together a simple strategy for your small business. You’ll quickly learn how the algorithms work and why your business isn’t growing with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or any other page. 

Let’s start with the basics:

What is Social Media?

Social Media marketing strategy includes social networking websites or apps that allow users to interact, share content, and connect with others.

What is social media and how to build a social media marketing strategy for small businesses

There are millions of social media apps, and the lines of social media vs video and other content sites can get a little blurry. We will focus on the “tried and true” best social media platforms for businesses. The ideal social media platforms to hack into exponential growth are Facebook and Instagram.

We will address YouTube in another article. Google+ died. Twitter is trending down. Snapchat is trending up but should only be considered for brands targeting teens through the early 20s generation. LinkedIn is great for B2B, but it is expensive. TikTok is also trending up, but the demographics are tweens and teens. Google My Business is a hybrid platform (and a magical way to boost your brand). We’ll discuss Google My Business in another article.

What You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

1. A Purpose With Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Start with understanding your company’s purpose?

Start by having a goal. What is the purpose of your social media? What are your goals? Create a plan around these goals, understanding that the primary focus should be in consistently putting out relevant content that is in line with your brand’s core values and purpose.

social media marketing strategy steps - how to start successful social media

2. Understand Social Proof

People now make their buying decisions through a series of investigation, education, and collaboration. Even if your social media doesn’t immediately get potential customers to act, they do inspect your brand. They look at your reputation. They check out what’s going on within their favorite social media feed. If you have old, outdated content, they will likely find your company old and boring. They will move on. 

Social Proof with social media marketing strategy and planning

3. Realistic Expectations With Social Media

Have realistic expectations with social media.

The expectations of your company’s social media marketing strategy and content should be simple and consistent.

Did you know? According to Forbes, 78% of consumers say that a company’s social media posts impact their purchases! 81% say that word-of-mouth from their friends affects their purchases. 

  1. You understand your company is investing in social proof. Social proof is critical to the future of your digital marketing efforts.
  2. You understand potential customers will visit your page to inspect your “street cred.”
  3. You understand your company needs to make at least 1 post per week.
  4. You understand the content needs to be helpful, humorous, educational, or inspirational.
  5. You understand your followers don’t want to be sold to.
your ideal audience is on social media

4. Small Businesses Quit Social Media Too Early

Millions of companies put a considerable investment into posting content on their pages with little to no results. Oftentimes, these companies will employ someone to “do their social media marketing” and try to post content to get more customers, sell their product, and/or increase page followers. They might even spend a fortune on boosting posts only to see dismal results.

In these situations, companies lose their energy and commitment. Eventually, they feel social media is a waste of time and energy, and they eventually give up. 

This is a sad situation.

These companies had the wrong expectation of social media. They expected the world to like their content. They expected sales to come from their content. They thought their followers would share every piece of content posted.

First, social media content should be about helping the community. At KARMA jack, we like to call it “educate and dominate.” Virtually no post should be for sales or for self-promotion. Instead, your content should be dedicated to teaching, humor, or inspiration. 

Second, social media, in relation to business pages, is all about “street cred.” Many potential customers are inspecting your page. They are also inspecting your competitors’ pages. They are looking to see the following:

  • Is your company legit?
  • Is your company an expert in its field?
  • Does your company have followers?
  • Does your company have good or bad reviews?
  • Does your company engage in comments?
  • Has anyone recommended your company?
  • Does your company post regularly, and is your company active?


The value of posting content on your social media pages is subtle yet critical.

Social media marketing tips - trends

5. Strategy With Social Media Is Important

  • Most adult Americans use social media daily (Pew Research)
    • 74% of adult Americans are on Facebook daily
    • 60% of adult Americans are on Instagram daily
  • 51% of adults use Facebook and 38% of adults use Instagram several times a day (Pew Research)
  • Quickly spreads your brand to your ideal target audience
  • Provides a high level of social proof, which is a critical element in today’s buying decisions
  • Gives opportunities for customers to become loyal fans
  • Provides your company an avenue for articles to be shared, thus increasing your web traffic, giving your website more credibility in relation to SEO
  • Gives your company and brand a voice
  • 87% of buying decisionsare started with online research
why is social media marketing strategy important?

6. Post With A Purpose

What kind of content should I post on social media?

This tip on social media marketing is not about only posting content for content’s sake. If your company wants to be successful online, you will need to understand what your fans and followers’ value. The posts must be in alignment with your brand’s image as well as with what your customers are looking for with high value.

It’s about the Story! Get behind a Purpose

what kind of content should I post on social media?

7. A Smarter Way To Compete

Only 10% of companies advertise on social media.

Yet, most Americans are on social media. See the opportunity?

  • If your competitors are advertising on Facebook, they are smart.
  • If your competitors are not advertising on Facebook, they are missing out.

If your competitors are advertising, you should be advertising to your ideal target market. The odds are your competitors won’t know as much as you (after reading this) when it comes to social media. Now is your opportunity to aggressively go after your target audience and to steal back business that should be yours!

If your competitors are not advertising, now is your time to gain a lead. Whether you are a B2B- or a B2C-focused company, your ideal target audience is sitting there on their phone 47 minutes a day. They are just waiting for your compelling message to pop up on their feed. You can have pinpoint accuracy on your audience targeting, and THAT is incredible.

  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Location targeting
  • Time of day targeting
  • Education
  • Trends
  • Financial situation
  • Type of job they have
  • And much more

We’re not talking boosted-post advertising. We’re talking about agency advertising that directly connects to the ideal customer based on location, demographics, interests, behavior, and trends when they are engaged on social media.

At KARMA jack, we call this the targeted interested audience method (TIA method). You can create personas based on your ideal customer. Then, serve up ads that speak directly to them.

social media marketing strategy - hyper targeting ads

Are your competitors missing out or are they crushing it?

Out of 60 million active businesses worldwide, only 6 million are advertising. (Statista) This is your time to own the space before it owns you. Need help? Contact KARMA jack today and our social media strategist will help answer your questions!

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