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Do I Really Need A Digital Marketing Agency?

It’s true, we only do what works best for your practice.

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KARMA jack has a Detroit hustle and work ethic with the output of a fancy LA ad agency.

And when other companies waste their time talking, we’re moving the needle forward.

So what’s the plan? How do we get it done? Then when we see success, what’s next?

Well, we eliminate the “IF” and focus on the “DO” when it comes to marketing.

We Make People Happy

Get More Patients for Your Practice

KARMA jack digital marketing agency successfully get dentist offices like yours new patients. 

We do the research.

We understand patients.

We create the plan.

We execute and your practice grows. 


Digital Marketing for Dentists Rocks!

Your patients are out there, online, looking for YOUR practice. 

With that said, they need help finding you.

So what’s the easiest path to connecting with new patients? 

Digital marketing.

Ready to grow?

Will you make the appointment process easier?

Can you retain your patients?

And do you stand out from all the other dentists out there?

Dentists should never have to gamble with marketing.

Investing in your practice with healthcare digital marketing agencies can be scary. 

Believe us, we know. 

Because of that, we’ve developed a system that works.

And the secret? We never guess, we just follow the data.

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We Provide

● 5 Star Service
● Accountability
● Sustainable Growth
● Long Term Solutions

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We Avoid

● Pushy Sales
● Letting Things Slide
● Making A Quick Buck
● Short Term Solutions

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We Want

● More Eyes On You
● Growth For Your Practice
● Collaboration & Teamwork
● Being Your Forever Team

Our Team of Experts

Every member of the KARMA jack team has their own speciality.
So when we work together? We can do anything.
With that said, here are just a few of the faces you’ll meet.

Joel Sellentine / Founder

KARMA jack digital marketing agency detroit halley

Halley Karas / CEO

KARMA jack digital marketing agency detroit JONO

Jono Diener / Creative Director

Connect with the Right Patients

We want your practice filled with great patients!

So leave the marketing to us and focus on making your patients’ smiles shine.

What We Can Do For You

As a dental marketing agency, we approach all sides of the industry.

And we customize your branding and do only what works best for you.

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Exclusive Leads

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, all of it. Social media advertising is MASSIVE.
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Build Websites

Whether it’s updating or building from scratch, Your website should be the easiest place for patients to connect with you.

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Manage Social Media

Our team creates content and schedules your posts so you can focus on your patients.

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Photo & Video

Our nationwide creative team specializes in personal, fun, engaging photo and video shoots.

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Google Advertising

KARMA jack utilizes Google’s vast platform to make your practice more searchable and profitable.

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Artificial Intelligence

Connecting with your ideal new patients using AI technology to reduce costs.

The Human Element

We’re real people, based in Detroit who care about helping dental offices like yours grow. 

You won’t get a hard sell.

You’ll always get care.

And you’ll never regret working with us.

Let’s Get Started

Our Bowling Trophies

KARMA jack has been honored with a lot of awesome digital marketing agency awards.
By that, we mean everything from Social Advertising to SEO. It’s refreshing to be recognized.


Whether or not you end up working with us, we make sure every call will give you exceptional value. No, seriously. We don’t hold back.

Just know, we love helping dental offices and promise to give you more than you’re looking for. Sound good?

So fill out the form and we’ll talk to you soon!

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