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Get a free, personalized SEO audit for your website

Why You Need An SEO Audit

Just having a website isn’t enough. Make sure your website is relevant, competitive and optimized with a free, personalized SEO audit tailored to your business goals.
We handle every step of the website SEO analysis. You’ll get personal insight from a real human, so you actually understand everything in your report. Our senior strategist will provide you with action steps to improve your SEO strategy. The goal is to get you more organic traffic, more leads, and more results.
We don’t bombard you with sales tactics. This is a no-pressure, no-obligation service. Why? Because we genuinely want to help businesses like yours succeed. We know the digital marketing landscape can be confusing, so we’re here to help make SEO a little less scary.

Why Should I Care About SEO For My Website?

Increase Organic Discovery & High-Quality Website Traffic

Improve Credibility &
Trust In Your Clients

Effectively Reach Your
Target Audience

Optimize The User Experience Of Your Website

Detroit's Top
SEO Audit Company

When you choose KARMA jack as your SEO audit agency, you get a thorough, data-driven approach to achieve sustainable growth for your business. We complete extensive SEO keyword and competitor research to gain higher visibility and organic traffic. From there we create and implement a digital marketing strategy fine-tuned to work for you, with a page-by-page analysis of your SEO. Work with an SEO company that has the experience, tools, and work ethic to optimize your business for searchability.

What Is An SEO Audit?

Think of an SEO audit as a health checkup for your website. It is an evaluation of how well your website is optimized for search engines. An SEO audit identifies errors that are stopping your site from ranking well. An SEO audit usually covers areas like:

Website SEO Analysis

Indexing and

Website SEO Analysis


Website SEO Analysis


Website SEO Analysis


Website SEO Analysis


Website SEO Analysis


Website SEO Analysis


But we don’t want to get too into the weeds. What you need to know is that an SEO audit is
key to reaching real, measurable results for your business growth.

How Does
Website Analysis Work?

When we conduct a website analysis, our experts identify foundational issues that are interfering with your organic search performance. We do extensive keyword research and find opportunities to help your website rank higher on Google. We put together a customized solution to get you on the path to better optimization, and better results. If you’re looking for a web design refresh, we can handle that too.

Your success is ours. Let’s build together.

Website Analysis FAQs

When someone uses a search engine like Google, that engine scans through countless websites to deliver results, listed in order of relevancy. It looks over keywords, key phrases, and readability to determine the results.

When you rank higher in SEO, your business gets more visibility. More eyes on you means more organic leads and sales. Think of it as your website doing the work without you having to.

SEO auditing services are provided by SEO agencies and include an inspection of your website to find problems or issues holding your site back in the organic search results. These services typically include documentation of found issues, recommendations for fixes, and consultation throughout implementation.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and you probably don’t have time to stay updated on the latest SEO strategies. If you want to stay relevant with your searchability, you need an SEO company that has the experience, tools, and dedication to make it happen. Let us handle your website SEO analysis so you can focus on running your business.

Technical SEO is the foundation or infrastructure of your website. How fast is your website? Are the links all working correctly? Is site navigation clear and accessible? The more structurally-sound your website is, the better your discoverability.

Onsite SEO is the optimization of the content itself. Areas like meta descriptions, page titles, keywords, and phrases. When your content is fine-tuned and optimized for maximum SEO, it does all the heavy lifting for you.

The length of time it takes to conduct an SEO audit will depend on the size and complexity of your website. We will be as thorough as possible during an SEO audit to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. 

Get A FREE Personalized SEO Audit

Fill out the form below and our senior strategist will do a personal (human) audit of your website. We’ll meet with you for a free SEO analysis with action steps. Absolutely no pressure and no strings attached.

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