Rick Tanton joins KARMA jack as Director of Social Advertising

Director of Social Advertising

Director of Social Advertising

Social advertising is a crucial part of what we do in digital marketing. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Google, it takes critical thinking to reach ideal audiences. By executing the right blend of targeting, advertisers can properly utilize the budgets of their clients and get them a great return on their ad spend. That’s why when we learned it was official, we were ecstatic as an organization. Rick Tanton is one of the best.

“I have known and worked with Rick for several years as he has been an integral part of our organization from its infancy,” says Joel Sellentine, KARMA jack CEO and founder. “Rick is a little silly (in a good way), the world’s second most interesting guy, and he’s big into continuously feeding his brain with more knowledge than he knows what to do with. You know that genius guy you see in the movies? That’s him, except he has a kick-ass personality and is fun! Most importantly, he cares very much about the success of our clients and staff. He pours himself into our accounts always looking for ways to improve performance and he’s always available to our staff for advice and recommendations. We couldn’t be more honored to have him on our team at a Director level.” 

Rick Tanton, A Man Of Many Talents

To put it lightly, Rick is a really smart person. His ability to easily navigate computers started as the internet was beginning to blossom. The year was 1994 and Rick made friends in the computer lab. He learned what a mainframe was, coded a website, put it on a floppy disk and uploaded it to the college website. It was accidentally the first “blog” in Canada.

As time went on, Tanton ventured into several spaces and wound up working for social media and digital marketing agencies. He also chased his entrepreneurial calling and is also the co-owner of a brewery. This is just the tip of the iceburg with this incredible individual.

Rick's Role at KARMA jack

Tanton is helping develop and refine the KARMA jack way of ad buying. In this process he will advise and consult the agency’s staff and help them grow as ad buyers. He is also responsible for hitting targets, growing teams, and optimizing efficiency.

He considers himself a strategy, fact-based and data driven person. This means no shades of gray. That’s why Tanton has been such a successful in his career in the digital space over the years: it’s always proof and data driven.

“I just love working with them,” says Rick Tanton, KARMA jack Direct of Social Advertising. “They’re good people and it’s good work. I get to help the people and agency get better. This is where I want to be right now.”

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