Modern Marketing and YOU

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Modern Marketing and YOU

Modern Marketing

Marketing has changed a lot since neanderthals first painted “raw meat 4 sale” on the outside of their caves. As experts in modern marketing, it is our duty to bring you up to date and give you the basics of marketing in the digital age. Marketing has come a long way, and we’re stoked to share our knowledge with you. So, come into our cave and take a seat next to the fire (yeah, not to brag, but we have fire).

What Is Modern Marketing?

Modern marketing is a catch-all term. Some use it synonymously with “digital marketing.” The significant change is that “modern” marketing places the consumer rather than the seller as the focal point. We focus on building relationships between customers and businesses to create long-term revenue flows rather than flash in the pan short-term sales. Modern marketing should also drive business results with a blend of strategy, creativity, technology, and analysis.

For the most part, this new marketing takes place online, as opposed to traditional marketing, which focuses on physical media; TV ads, billboards, etc. The digital aspect of modern marketing allows us to be much more flexible. Ad campaigns can be changed with the click of a button to ensure you’re up to date with all the latest trends. This leads to more business and, most importantly, more revenue.

What Do Modern Marketers Actually Do?

Modern Marketing

Modern marketing is integrated into nearly every aspect of our online life. So, you may already be familiar with some concepts of modern marketing. By themselves, they can help boost your business, but most Digital Marketing Agencies combine them to get maximum results. These strategies include:


  • Search Engine Optimization utilizes keywords and tactics to help Google read your website more easily. The easier it is for Google to read your site, the better its ranking on the results screen. If you’re REALLY good at SEO, you can get on the front page of Google. But, there is a lot of competition, so we focus on your niche in order to thrive! To best utilize SEO, you need to know who your audience is. What does YOUR customer search for to find you? And just know that there is a difference between what you offer and what someone might search to find you.

Google Ads

  • We’ve released a whole series of blogs concerning Google’s domination of the internet, and one of the best ways to utilize this behemoth is to dive into Google Ads. These can take many forms; Google ads in search results, banner ads on websites, thirty-second Youtube ads that play before a ten-second video (eyeroll). Targeting where you want these ads placed can do wonders for your business with the correct data and the right marketing company (us).

Email Marketing

  • You know all those emails in your “promotions” tab on Gmail? This is that. You have so many because they work. Email marketing has the highest return on investment of all marketing channels. Email marketing has also become essential for staying top of mind with your customers for service-based and eCommerce companies. Regular upkeep on these emails is also integral. Restaurants have new specials or menu items, clothing companies have new seasonal lines, dentist offices have deals on Invisalign, etc. And email, unlike solely relying on your Facebook, is a direct path to staying connected. 

Organic Content

  • Your website does your sales work for you in modern marketing. So, when a customer talks with you, they’re 90% of the way to a sale. The authenticity of what you put out into the world matters, so having actual photos of you and your business helps seal the deal. Investing in a photographer, a videographer, and creative vendors who can take your idea to the next level will help show an earnest side to your business.


  • Not only are these suckers good for informing your ideal audience, but they’re an incredible platform to boost your SEO. AND it’s well known that blog writers are really cool and beautiful people that everyone loves. Plus, every time you add an SEO-optimized blog to your site, the entire site gets a better score. Posting regular blogs keeps you relevant rather than awkwardly outdated.

Social Media Marketing

  • All social media platforms have built-in data analytics tools to track how many people see your page. These make it easy to know how your marketing performs. That’s why social media must be included in just about all marketing strategies. Honestly, social media could have its own section. Wait, that’s a good idea…

Social Media and Modern Marketing

Modern Marketing

Social media is one of the more complex concepts for smaller businesses. Social media is an ever-evolving platform, but it has some measurable goals to keep in mind. These include:

  • Attracting an audience through pictures, videos, and stories that represent you and your brand.
  • Customer engagement through comments, DMs, and follows. This creates a sense of community around your business and integrates yourself into an online community.
  • Optimizing and updating your profile to remain relevant and on top of the algorithm.

More than any other platform, social media can build relationships with customers and generate leads you wouldn’t have thought possible. Plus, EVERYONE is on social media. The average US adult spends 2.25 hours on there every day. And 81% of people use Instagram to research products online. So as long as you’re creating diverse content, setting goals, and using the right platforms, social media can help your business grow and grow and grow.

So, how should you maximize the return on your social media posts? Post with purpose. Social media = social proof, so if someone wants to hire you or make a big spend on your service, they’ll do a little research. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all fair game for snooping. Do you want that snooper to see anything other than your absolute best? Your posts should be engaging without making a “hard ask” each time. Find what makes you YOU and amplify that tenfold. Organic photos, videos, utilizing modern trends and making people care about what you do. You need to give them a reason to not only follow you but keep following. It seems simple, but people get busy, they forget, and social media suffers. Use it to your advantage because if you do it right, it’s another vital tool in your marketing machine.

Okay, so above, we’re talking about social media posts. Like when Levi’s posts on their Instagram, “Happy Mothers Day to all the mom jeans out there,” or something like that. This is different from Social Media Advertising. Mr. Zuckerberg has changed how the world has monetized social media and advertising in general. Facebook and Instagram now live in the same hub, so you have an arsenal of advertising weaponry if you know how to use it correctly. Constantly analyzing and adjusting social media ads is the new norm. You have to know if a photo is working, if the copy makes sense, and most importantly, if someone would stop scrolling through endless Facebook baby pictures to actually click on your ad.

Advertising and Modern Marketing

Okay, real quick, let’s define these terms because they are similar but have important distinctions.

Marketing helps you recognize what your customers need and enables you to satisfy those needs.

Advertising is the promotional efforts you make to increase exposure to your business, product, or service.

Advertising still exists with modern marketing (we can never escape it). Still, the platforms and the goals are a bit different. With traditional marketing, the goal is more often than not “to increase exposure in the shortest possible time.” This, of course, increases leads and theoretically increases $$$. 

But with modern marketing, the goal is a little different. Modern marketing aims to increase brand awareness and create strong bonds with your consumers. Therefore, advertising takes different forms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Quora, Blogs, and many others.

Modern Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Is there still a place for traditional marketing in the modern age? Or has modern marketing completely overtaken its ancestor? Obviously, traditional marketing is still around, but is it as useless as a cathode ray tube on a flatscreen TV? Let’s see with a handy-dandy pro and con list.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Pros:

  1. Works well locally – If you’re a local business, it’s easy to concentrate your advertising in a specific locale with, say, a billboard. Or local radio spots. You don’t necessarily need a national ad campaign to drum up support if you’re a local business.
  2. Clarity – “This is a commercial for this product or service!” You can’t get more clear than that. Traditional ads have been around for thousands of years, so people know what they are and what their purpose is.
  3. No internet required – This allows ANYONE to see advertisements. You don’t have to be on your phone or computer to view it. Believe it or not, some people don’t spend all day on the internet (I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true).

Traditional Marketing Cons:

  1. Cost – Commercials cost money. Billboards cost money. Newspapers cost money. Material costs must be considered when your ads are made out of… well, materials.
  2. Harder to discern metrics – When you put up a billboard, there’s no way to accurately know how many people see it, let alone how many people decided to use your service after seeing it. Since no analytics are involved, there’s no chance for customer interaction or question answering.
  3. Uncustomizable – Once a magazine prints an ad, it’s there forever. You can’t change it on the fly… unless you buy every copy of the magazine before anyone buys it and sharpie the changes directly onto the page. But who has time for that?
Modern Marketing

Modern Marketing Pros:

  1. Customizable and Adaptable – When you launch an ad campaign online, you can change it with a button. You can even change your entire strategy in the middle of a campaign. That’s not necessarily something we’d suggest, but it’s nice to know you can.
  2. Interaction and Data – Digital marketing allows you to have genuine interactions with the people who use your service. It also gives you accurate data on who they are, which will enable you to hone your brand voice and narrow your focus to find your ideal audience.
  3. Bigger audience – I don’t need to tell you that we live on our phones. Modern Marketing allows you to reach an enormous audience. An audience of, well, the entire internet if you want. This typically yields a higher return on investment.

Modern Marketing Cons:

  1. Upkeep – This isn’t a set it and forget it type of deal. Modern marketing requires maintenance, training, and constant monitoring. This is why many small businesses turn to a digital marketing company (ahem, us) to do it all for them.
  2. Competition – As we said, everyone is online. So it can be hard to stand out above the white noise of the digital ad space. Luckily, with suitable digital marketers, this can be a breeze.
  3. Interaction – We know, we know. We listed this in the “pros” section too. But everyone’s a critic, and haters gonna hate. Part of being online is taking your lumps from the trolls.


While traditional and modern marketing have their differences, that doesn’t mean they can’t coexist. A good marketing company (ahem, us) will look into all avenues and do what is best for your business to grow.


We’ve come a long way since those cavemen days, but the idea is still the same. We want to help you attract as many people to your business as humanly possible and keep them coming back. To do this, we go where the people are. These days, people hang out less and less in their caves and more and more online. That’s why we are a Digital Marketing Agency.

Have any questions about this marketing stuff? We can help! Get in touch with KARMA jack Digital Marketing, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. After all, this is what we do.

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