KARMA jack wins two digital marketing awards from Design Rush

digital marketing awards

Digital Marketing Awards from DesignRush.com

The fine folks at designrush.com have surprised us with this. Not one, but TWO AWARDS! Our company has grown so much from our humble beginnings just doing social ads. Now we can offer a multi-faceted approach to be a full marketing arm for companies. We specialize in helping with ecommerce and lead generation, but we do so much more. And in the last few months you can see KARMAjack.com reflects our ever-growing possibilities to grow other companies. 

Top Web Designers in Detroit

Even with social media taking over the world, websites are still incredibly important. Advertisements lead you to a landing page where the real magic happens. Are you telling a complete business story? How and why should people scroll through it? Are you offering real information or just wasting someone’s time? In addition to our copywriting capabilities, our web design team is next level. They handle the beautiful aesthetics, practicality and the ability to lead customers from viewing to buying. In addition to our own site, we take pride in making amazing websites for our clients. We’re very thankful our web team is being recognized.

Top Digital Marketing Agency in Detroit

The KARMA jack team has been growing rapidly these last few months. Adding new account managers, writers, a creative director and even more roles. The expansion is because we take this responsibility very seriously. Digital marketing takes a team of experts to fully execute a plan of success for each of our clients. Every time we add a new member to the team, something bigger and better than we could have imagined happens. Why? It’s because we always think big picture. Internally we want to do this forever. Externally we want our clients to grow forever. Getting digital marketing awards is a great thing we will never let go to our head. The reason is we focus on the hard work, not just building hype. Our reputation is what it is because we put in the blood, sweat and tears into building every single business. Here’s to years of KARMA jack!

DesignRush.com Accredited Agency 2021

We will continue to offer excellent service to every interested party. Whether it’s a full-service package, or a single phone call, we make sure you get value. In a digital world, we want you to be heard. If you’re ready to start your digital marketing journey, we’re ready to be your team. The digital marketing awards are just the cherry on top.

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