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KARMA jack and Six Feet Over: Uplifting Detroit Communities

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KARMA jack and Six Feet Over: Uplifting Detroit Communities

For several years, we at KARMA jack have worked closely with Six Feet Over, a Detroit-based nonprofit dedicated to spreading awareness about suicide prevention and building healthier communities. Their vision is a world free of suicide loss, where individuals have access to the resources and tools they need to live peacefully and support their loved ones. We’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact of the organization’s initiatives, and what began as a client relationship has blossomed into a profound friendship.

Six Feet Over and KARMA jack.

“I was looking for a company that was local to us, but more importantly I felt I could understand our culture, and mission as well as the limitations and needs that a small organization like ours has. What I did not expect was that a year into working with KARMA jack my staff, interns, volunteers, and myself would feel like their friends and family,” said Six Feet Over Founder Kate Hardy.

“I still remember when we had the first talk about Six Feet Over coming onboard with KARMA jack,” said Jono Diener, Creative Director at KARMA jack. “The cause and what they stood for was something near and dear to my heart, but once I met Katie? Well, that turned things from a client relationship to a friendship very quickly. It’s nice getting to think outside of the box with someone as both of your organizations grow together. Seeing the tangible evidence of what they do is incredible. And getting a friend out of it? That’s some priceless stuff.”

Founder Kate Hardy survived the loss of nine loved ones to suicide, including her mother in 2003. After hosting a one-off fundraiser in 2012, Kate accidentally created Suck It! Suicide, the education and awareness arm of the organization. Later, fueled by encouragement from friends and family, she officially founded Six Feet Over. From its humble beginnings with a Facebook page, a home office, and grassroots events, Kate’s vision has evolved into a statewide nonprofit headquartered in Detroit.

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In addition to mental health education and advocacy, the Lemon-Aid program helps provide valuable, life-saving resources for suicide loss survivors. Six Feet Over also cultivates a visible presence in the community through collaboration with artists and local businesses. They raise visibility and generate funds to sustain their programming and staff by tabling events like festivals, concerts, and other events.


Here are just some of the tangible ways that Six Feet Over has been able to help those impacted by suicide in 2023:

  • 70 Lemon Aid financial assistance cases approved 
  • 454 impacted persons helped through Lemon Aid
  • $325,000 funded to after-death costs for loss survivors
  • Suck It Suicide! reached 400,000 people


What incredible milestones! We deeply appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes into their mission. Six Feet Over is actively making a difference in people’s lives and the greater community.

At KARMA jack, we’re passionate about leveraging our expertise in digital marketing to support organizations like Six Feet Over. Through our partnership, we’ve been able to significantly expand their reach and amplify their voice. By donating a portion of our services, including social media management, advertising campaigns, and email marketing, we’ve helped the nonprofit connect with a broader audience and engage supporters in meaningful ways.

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“Working with Six Feet Over has been a wonderful experience,” said Shawn Mangenje, Operations Manager at KARMA jack. “The team is fantastic and deeply passionate about their work. Katie is an incredible human being and a ball of awesomeness. Together, they hugely impact the community, and it’s wonderful to see the organization grow!”

One of our favorite projects that we collaborated on was the three-month telethon fundraiser, where we joined forces to encourage 500 individuals to commit to recurring donations. This was a super fun, creative initiative that helped support a good cause. Our team had a blast creating 80s-style videos and showing off our secret talents, from dancing and magic tricks to Dungeons and Dragons knowledge.

“The [KARMA jack] team has shown they are consistently thinking of new ways for our programs and the overall brand of Six Feet Over to be marketed, fundraised, and connected with the community at large,” said Hardy. “They think creatively, out of the box, and see possibility, when I have seen others struggle with what we do and how to make it approachable. I can say without a doubt that they want us to succeed, and they do it with enthusiasm and drive.”

Working with organizations like Six Feet Over is more than just business for us—it’s a deeply fulfilling experience that feeds our souls. We believe in the importance of giving back and being actively involved in causes that matter. Collaborating with a client like Six Feet Over is especially meaningful, as every interaction with their team feels special and their mission resonates deeply with us. Being able to contribute our skills and expertise to a good cause is not only rewarding but also serves as a reminder of the positive impact we can make when we come together with purpose and passion.

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For more information about Six Feet Over and to make a donation, visit www.sixftover.org/

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