KARMA jack named Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Michigan

Social Media Marketing Award

Best Social Media Marketing Agencies In Michigan

We were surprised and excited when Kicksta emailed us with this award! They recently posted their blog highlighting The Top 10 Social Media Agencies in Every State in America. Turns out, we were #1 in Michigan! And you know we take social media marketing very seriously, so it’s an honor being on a list with so many great companies and agencies. 

Statewide Recognition

If you’ve checked out the new KARMAjack.com you can see how much we love Detroit. You can also see how much we love the Great Lakes State. It’s because we call Michigan home and want to help every business that we can. During the COVID-19 pandemic we were helping struggling businesses utilize digital marketing to stay afloat. We also donate our time and financially to local charities and nonprofits. It’s not for the attention, but because we truly love Michigan. Social Media Marketing, award or not, is something we can offer to anyone and everyone if they’re ready.

Nationwide Recognition

With all of our Michigan talk, people often forget we deal with clients all over the country. Whether it’s running social ads, SEO, website-building or content creation, we love spreading our reach. That includes household names like Custom Lids and Nassiff Skincare all the way to midwestern roofing companies. What makes it all feel great  is the fact that we’re able to chameleon to any business’ needs. 

The beauty of digital marketing is getting to handle it remotely. We don’t have to meet in person to understand your story. Customers don’t have to walk into your shop to see your products. Ecommerce, lead generation and social media marketing are our specialties. We’re ready to take on more. Are you?

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