KARMA jack Featured On Ted.com

KARMA jack Featured on Ted.com Blog

Ted.com Feature

KARMA jack is pleased to announce that we were featured on Ted.com for one of their articles! The article is called “Latest Ecommerce Trends to Follow: Check Them Out Now.” In this piece, the author discusses the boom e-commerce saw in the past year, what trends have appeared, and how to fine-tune your business to adapt to them.

Ecommerce Trends

First off, Ted.com’s article has a list of strategies you can adopt to stay current with ecommerce trends. The first is improving your online store and purchasing system to make it as easy and accessible as possible. Next, the article discusses the importance of mobile shopping. They also mention Augmented Reality (AR) and voice search as current trends to consider. Finally, they bring up AI and Machine Learning to maximize customer experience. 

KARMA jack Featured

Ted.com linked our blog, “Ecommerce Trends Every Business Should Know”, in the article. Essentially, their article mentions the importance of staying up to date with ecommerce trends. Because of this, we want to give a shoutout and say thanks to Ted.com for the feature! It always makes us happy to see our hard work in digital marketing being shared. Moreover, we hope both their article and our blog is helpful for you and your business. 

Your New Advertising Agency

As Ted.com’s article states, ecommerce has exploded in the past year. Staying ahead of the curve with ecommerce trends is more important than ever. When you work with KARMA jack, you get a digital marketing agency that knows ecommerce and what works. Simply put, we get you results by hustling harder than anyone else. 

Are you ready to start seeing the growth you’ve been looking for? Contact us today and we’ll get started! 


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