KARMA jack featured in “Best The News”

KARMA jack Featured In “Best The News”

KARMA jack is excited and honored to be featured in Gabby Aidan’s article “How Digital Marketing Is Changing the Ecommerce Market” for Best The News. In this article, Aidan discusses the ways in which ecommerce continues to grow and change the way people purchase products.

Digital Marketing

In their article, Aidan lists five marketing trends are changing the eCommerce market:

  1. Voice Technology
  2. Social Media
  3. Influencer Collaboration
  4. Micro-Moments
  5. Websites

In Aidan’s brilliant article, each number on their list goes into detail about why these things are so important. Each item on the list changes the game within digital marketing. Essentially, we could not agree more! Best The News hit the nail on the head.

KARMA jack Noted

Aidan linked to KARMA jack under the section for “Micro Moments”. Aidan says:

“This digital marketing trend’s growing popularity means that eCommerce businesses should rethink their linear funnel, which follows a particular set path; decision, awareness, and consideration.”

We are honored to not only be noted, but also linked to, in such a wonderful article in Best The News. As we appear in links in articles such as this, it helps our brand recognition as well as our SEO. In conclusion, we are very grateful to Aidan and Best The News! Thank you to Best The News for featuring us!

Our Services

At KARMA jack, your success is ours. We build together so you can continue growing your business. Moreover, our team of experts provide a number of incredible services for digital marketing including:

  • Websites: Web design that wows your visitors, helping you get found on Google, landing page success, and more

With our services, we give it our all because we care. Similarly, we love seeing our name pop up in great articles like Aidan’s, and we cannot wait for you to join us in your digital marketing journey! Are you ready to achieve the growth your business deserves? Contact us today and we will get started!


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