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What is Organic Traffic?

Trying to understand what is organic traffic?

Organic traffic comes from visitors who land on your website without clicking a paid ad. Gaining organic web traffic takes time, patience, and high-value content that people search or share with others.

Organic traffic includes SEO, but it is also much broader than SEO. Oftentimes, the two terms get confused with being the same. SEO is search engine optimized content that uses highly targeted keywords on a page mixed with about 200 technical points to get found on Google during searches. Organic traffic is directly related to strong SEO, but it also includes other vehicles to get people to your site.

Over time, Google rewards your website with higher rankings when you have a high volume of traffic that goes to your site and sticks around for a while.

What is organic traffic and what does this mean for your website? You want a well-rounded approach to your website that includes a variety of factors to get people to visit and to keep them there. When you do this, Google begins to reward your domain with a higher value and thus bumps up your ranking on search queries.

As you can see, organic traffic can come from a variety of areas. Let’s explore how you can implement some or all of these categories to boost your organic traffic.

increase website traffic - what is organic traffic? And how to increase organic traffic to your website
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Email Campaigns to Increase Organic Traffic

Email is not dead if you do it the right way.

Email campaigns are bad if you make your emails about you and not your reader. Most businesses fail with email campaigns because they provide zero quality content in their emails and just try to sell their goods or services. Emails don’t work if there is no value.

Email campaigns are a wonderful way to stay in touch and to keep top of mind with your clients, past clients, future clients, brand followers, and loyal fans when you provide high-value content. This means you will give them something they want to open. What is organic traffic in relation to email campaigns? When they open the email, if it’s compelling enough, they will click through and land on your website. Tada! Organic traffic.

Backlinks to Improve Organic Traffic

Have you ever read an article that has a link to another website? That is a backlink.

Backlinks do all sorts of great things for your website if your page is linked to credible sites in your related field. When people click from one article to yours, you get organic traffic!

Backlinking is not easy. You will want to reach out to websites in your industry and offer up a blog article in return for a backlink in that article. The article needs to have high value and should not directly sell your service.

WARNING: Google will quickly figure out if you attempt to participate in spammy “black hat” backlinking. There are several ways to get “thousands of backlinks” from shady services. Don’t do it. We have seen several instances when a client hires us where they (or a previous marketing company) used “black hat” SEO methods to boost their site. Those thousands of backlinks needed to be manually removed by reaching out to each website and requesting the removal of the link. It’s a terrible process, and it devalues your website.

Social Media Posts to Increase Organic Traffic

What is organic traffic in relation to social media? Organic traffic also comes when someone clicks a link that you have posted on your social media feeds. If the article has high value, it can be shared with others and have a viral affect. When more high-quality content is shared on social media, it increases your opportunity for quality organic traffic.

Awesome Content Shared by Others

When your website is set up to auto-post to RSS feeds, you can have other marketers share or reference your content. The more your content is shared on social media, the higher the opportunity others will click and read it.

Client Login Portals for More Organic Traffic

If your website has a login portal for customers, you can use this to your advantage by reminding customers to login and to take advantage of additional services. Use email as a tool to drive customers back and make sure the content is sticky so they hang out. The longer people stay on your site, the better your site is ranked over time.

Referrals for More High-Quality Website Visitors

Forming partnerships to include cross-marketing is a great way to boost organic traffic. Cross-marketing could be as simple as sharing each other’s social media posts, promoting blogs using email, promoting product/service discounts, and so on. 

Another form of referrals includes recommendations from clients. Simply asking your clients to share articles, specials, or your services is a quick way to drive high-quality traffic to your website.

SEO Search Engine Indexing

There are thousands of search engine indexes. Google is just one (the biggest). There are about 250-300 search indexes in the United States where you can list your site, services, logo, and company motto. Be careful to not list on spammy indexes, as that could hurt your domain score.

In your industry, there could be dozens of aggregate or search sites that could list your website. Home Advisor is a perfect example of an aggregate site. Home Advisor lists construction companies and connects those companies with homeowners looking for construction services. Getting listed on these sites can increase your organic traffic when people are doing their research on your company independently.

Direct Traffic

Direct website traffic includes visitors who go directly to your site without search or clicking links from other channels. The following are examples of how direct website Traffic gets to your website:

  • Typing your URL into their browser and landing on your page
  • Bookmarking your website on their browser
  • Through Email campaigns
  • Through Trade shows, business cards, printed materials, word of mouth, radio, TV, etc.

Bottom line: Have your website listed everywhere to increase the opportunity for people to find your company directly.


SEO for More Organic Visitors

What is organic traffic in relation to SEO? If you owned a race car and a mechanic came up to you and said, “I can guarantee your car will win using my car engine optimization,” you would know it’s a scam, right? Car racing has thousands of factors that go into who ultimately wins. How good is the driver? How light is the car? How well is the car tuned? How quickly can the pit change the tires? How does the car handle in the rain?

SEO has been made into a very complex topic. The term SEO is often misused. Shady marketing companies take advantage of business owners who don’t understand SEO and sell services that don’t positively impact their website’s ranking.

SEO is search engine optimization. That’s it. The best SEO companies will follow tried and true practices and guidelines that will ideally improve your page rank with a targeted keyword. We’ll get into the details of best SEO practices next.

WARNING: Beware of companies that claim they can guarantee rankings on Google. Google changes their algorithms more than 3200 times a year. No one can claim guaranteeing your website on the first page of Google search.

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