Google Partnering with Shopify: The Breakdown


Google Partnering with Shopify: The Breakdown

Google has announced this week that they are partnering with Shopify, the e-commerce platform. Google has been taking steps in the last few years to strengthen its commerce efforts. What does this partnership mean for merchants? And what does that mean for shoppers? Let’s find out!

Signs We Should Have Seen

First off, Google has been doing some background work this last year to set this transition up for success. Google partnering with Shopify is just the next step. In April 2020, Google announced that it would be allowing merchants to sell their products for free on their platform. As a result, there was an 80% increase of merchants on google. This significant jump helped prove to consumers that shopping with Google is worthwhile. It included a large population of small to medium-sized businesses, the goal being to help them survive throughout the pandemic. In July of 2020, they also gave commission-free access to Buy on Google. Having a larger population to pull data from helps Google push the value of their Shopping Graph. 

What is Google’s Shopping Graph, and how could it benefit shoppers?

Secondly, let’s learn a little more about Google’s Shopping Graph. The Shopping Graph was just recently pitched and is said to use a real-time data set to connect shoppers with billions of products from merchants all across the internet. This way, shoppers would see the most relevant information when shopping for products all in one place. Shopping Graph pulls data from reviews, prices, websites, videos, and direct product information from the retailers and brands. Google partnering with Shopify means instead of using Google to see reviews, then going to a different source to buy, you can buy right there. 

What Does This Mean for Merchants?

Essentially, the most significant boost for merchants from Google partnering with Shopify appears to be that their products would be seen across 1 billion daily searches from shoppers. They would feature across Google’s Images, Maps, Lens, and Youtube. With Google reporting a massive increase in demand for people buying from local and small businesses to support them throughout the pandemic. It seems like an easy choice for merchants who want to increase their brand awareness and sales. 

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, it seems like Google partnering with Shopify will benefit both shoppers and merchants. Merchants will hopefully achieve brand awareness, reach, and increased revenue. It sounds like it will be a one-stop shop to compare prices, products and reviews, and order for shoppers at the moment. 

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