Facebook Training – Is It Worth It?

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Facebook Training - Is It Worth It?

As a digital marketing agency, KARMA jack has been effectively using Facebook Ads for all of our clients. But for everyone else, it is imperative to at least have an understanding of Facebook. There is no room to guess when it comes to growth. As a result, we advise learning everything within its vast platform using Facebook Training.

Better Content

Facebook Training was great for content idea generation. We all want to be seen. Therefore a great way to do that is by producing better organic content. Both video and photo work well, but you will also need good copy. And once you have your posts in mind, you can test the waters to see which works best for your audience. A great lesson is following insights.


Comparing two similar posts and changing one variable is a great way to test. For instance, are people attracted to the photo? Is your video a turnoff? Lean into the direction of what is working and continue to refine. This means you’ll have a better success rate with posts. So how do you build your ads in Facebook?

Ads Manager

Ads Manager is the bread and butter of digital marketing. Here you can create varying campaigns to promote your business. You can also create your audience. What is your ideal demographic based on your content’s reach? Age, location and more play a major role in who sees your content. Take your time to really learn the amazing marketing tools at your disposal.

Creator Studio

Creator Studio is great for building, posting and scheduling content. This applies to both Facebook and Instagram posting. Take the time to build and schedule your posts for the following week. It will help train your audience’s expectations and routine. In turn, it helps you test your post’s success. Similarly, it’s just like meal prepping. It’s worth taking the extra time to save a lot of time.


Facebook events can be in-person events or online streaming. What is helpful about Facebook training is learning how to properly utilize its event promotions. After 2020 we’ve seen the importance of remote events. You can do a live event and dictate how many people can interact or watch. Then you can sell tickets or ask for “stars” which translate to real money. All of this under one amazing digital roof.

In closing, is Facebook Training worth it? Absolutely.

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