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Enterprise Digital Marketing Case Study and Success Stories

Sun Outdoors and KARMA jack Digital Marketing partnered up, embracing the latest enterprise digital marketing trends to build brand awareness on a national level and drive exponential growth.

The Goal: A Unified Multi-Location Marketing Approach

Sun Outdoors was looking to expand their enterprise digital marketing with a data-informed strategy and a dedicated team. The company hoped to hone their advertising efforts to ultimately deliver an unforgettable experience for their guests and stand out from competitors in the market. The focus for 2023 included the following goals: brand building, increased engagement on social media platforms, and driving revenue.

Now we get to share their success story with you in this multi-location marketing case study.

The Strategy

Our enterprise digital marketing case study case study starts with the most important piece: the strategy. Designed to increase brand awareness and attract more guests to Sun Outdoors resorts. Through this partnership, they would be able to reach a wider audience and improve customer engagement and loyalty.

KARMA jack’s work focused on national brand awareness campaigns, boosting website traffic, social media engagement, and driving bookings. The strategy used a combination of paid advertising in tandem with organic social. Tactics used were boosting, retargeting, audience segmentation, and location targeting as primary methods of increasing engagement.

The channels used to promote the brand were Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, each with their own unique tactics. KARMA jack used an optimization process to experiment with ads and analyze metrics to improve performance over time and proceed to scale.

Social Platform


Instagram Followers


Facebook Followers


YouTube Subscribers


YouTube Views

Paid Media


Amount Spent



What’s Next

Sun Outdoors strives to continue their growth trajectory while continuing to nurture the best possible experience for every guest. KARMA jack will help them to set new enterprise digital marketing goals that align with their overall business objectives, are measurable and specific, and prioritize the customer experience. By doing so, this advertising case study will continue to be updated with success stories as they can continue to thrive as the number one outdoor vacation destination.

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