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7 Tips for Creating Email Subject Lines

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Email Marketing Subject Lines - 7 Useful Tips

email marketing subject lines

Did you know 64% of people make a decision to open emails solely based on the subject line? That’s right! Email marketing subject lines are probably the most important step of email marketing that many business owners and marketers overlook. 

You could have created the coolest email for your customers. However, without an intriguing subject line, people are less likely to click or even notice your email within their inbox. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Who knew something so simple could be that important? 

Well no need to worry, we’re here to help! Let’s explore 7 tips for creating your email marketing subject lines that you can utilize as a business owner and marketer. 

1. Don’t Make the Subject Line too Long

Nobody wants to read a novel when seeing an email subject line. I sure don’t and I am sure you wouldn’t either. Therefore, you should try to keep it short and simple. Somewhere between 4-9 words is great. Furthermore, the more clear it is to read, the better.

2. Personalize your Email Marketing Subject Lines

personalized email subject lines

Did you know that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand when their experience is personalized to them? People would much rather click an email with their name or interest to feel a more welcomed and personalized experience.

3. Try to Avoid Looking like Spam

How many times have you received emails that look “sketchy” as the kids say? Try not to use too many exclamation marks, all caps, or a bunch of emojis because it will start to look like spam. However, it is okay to use an emoji or two, or 1-2 exclamation marks. Just don’t over do it.

4. Make it Eye-Catching and Beneficial to the Consumer

Most people need something that catches their eye and an added benefit to entice them. The format should be intriguing (you’ve captured my attention) + (how will this benefit me).

Here are two examples (The sentence in bold is the subject and the sentence in italic is after the subject): 

  • Store for bedding: Don’t sleep on this deal. 25% off your 2nd purchase. 
  • Store for clothing: Ashley, we have a reward for you! 10$ off your next in store purchase.


At the end of the day, it’s about what you can offer the customer. Furthermore, always keep this in mind when creating your subject line. 

5. Promotions, Sales and End Dates

sale and promo email marketing subject lines

If you have a big sale or promotion you want to incorporate that into your subject line especially if it is the focus of your email. However, it is crucial to include the urgency of the promotions start and end dates with an emphasis on the end date. This is so people can say, “oh, I better take advantage of this sale before it ends,” with the goal being that people will click on the email and click to the site to buy.

6. Proofread your Email Marketing Subject Lines

This is more technical, but equally as important. To put short, if you have a ton of grammatical errors people definitely will not click on your email so proofread everything. Your subject line could be great but if there are errors, that will be the difference between clicks and skips.

7. Test Out your Email Marketing Subject Lines

Woah there, before you get ahead of yourself, check to make sure your subject line works well with your audience. There are many different factors you can test, but let’s use one for example. 

Send out two emails, one with a very short subject line and one with a slightly longer subject line. Now check the number of people that clicked your email versus the other. Ultimately, that should help you get a better idea of what your audience will likely click.

Email Marketing Help?

In conclusion, creating email subject lines can be quite tricky, but if you utilize these tips it should definitely make your email stand out to your customers! Need some help with your email marketing? Here at Karma jack, we have a team of experts that will help provide your business with great email marketing services that can help your business generate more revenue and build trust with your customers.

We feel good when you do great. Good KARMA. Better Marketing.

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