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Ecommerce Trends for 2022

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Ecommerce Trends

2023 may have been a wildly unpredictable year. However, it was a year of absolute booming success for ecommerce, and customers are going to keep shopping the same way in the days ahead. Moreover, there are certain ecommerce trends that you can count on and use to your advantage. Major ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Big Commerce agree Let’s take a look at these ecommerce trends every business should know.

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The Golden Rule Of Promotions

First off, there is one vital rule to follow that serves as the foundation for all promotions: Run your promotions 3-4 weeks BEFORE the holiday you’re promoting your sale for. If you try to start a promotion the week before the holiday, you’re already too late. With that in mind, give yourself proper time to plan, promote, and engage with your audience. Essentially, your promotion needs some room to breathe. 

The Seasons Of Ecommerce

Next, there are trends you can bet on that coincide with the months of the year. This is based around things such as holidays, school, and even tax season. Here’s how that looks throughout the months:

June, July, And Early August

These months tend to be rough. This happens for several reasons. First off, more people are outside, they’re traveling, and so on. Essentially, they just aren’t in front of their computer as much. That means you need to adjust your expectations accordingly. Moreover, if you need to keep your revenue high then it is important to promote more. If you plan on doing a back-to-school or Labor Day sale, start in the second week of August and carry it through the beginning of September.

September And October

About the second week of September, we start to see revenue climb across the board. Then, about a week or so before Halloween everything drops. They will be very close to summer numbers, which we know are tough. Why does this happen? Essentially, consumers are holding off for holiday sales right around the corner. 


Moving into the first week of November, things pick up. Additionally, it’ll carry all the way through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ecommcerce does extremely well here. Then, as soon as Black Friday passes, it drops off again briefly before December arrives.

December And January

As we all know, December is great for ecommerce. Once we reach December, it’s off to the races until Christmas. However, the day after Christmas everything plummets once again. This is when to start planning your Valentine’s Day sale, starting in the middle of January. 

February And March

Things dip again after Valentine’s Day, then slowly climb back up in March. March is when you will want to start your summer sales. Working with our golden rule of starting 3-4 weeks early, this is prime time to plan for the weather getting warmer and people spending more time outside again. 

April And May

Although the first couple weeks of April will typically be tight, people start spending money left and right soon after tax returns start coming back. Finally, this carries through the weekend before Memorial Day. Then, everyone is back to being outside, traveling, having grown sick of winter and ready to live a little again.

Additional Ecommerce Trends

That takes us through the calendar year of ecommerce. With these trends in mind you can read the terrain, plan ahead, and capitalize on them. However, there are still a couple additional trends for specific industries to note.


The end of August will see a really nice pickup for makeup. As people begin phasing out of their summer mindset, they start preparing for new makeup and skin routines in the month ahead.

Health Products

Unlike the rest of the ecommerce world, health products will get a brief boost at the beginning of the year. Why? New Year’s resolutions. At this time of year, lots of people have a new drive to get healthy, and health product ecommerce boosts all at once in early January before dipping soon thereafter.


Similar to makeup, skincare does really well from the end of July to September. This is for similar reasons. People are trying new routines, healing from sunburns, and so on. However, they still follow the rest of the ecommerce trends aside from this, as do makeup and health products. 

Create an Ecommerce Calendar

Getting Started

Creating an ecommerce calendar can be daunting, but if you follow the advice above and your instincts, you will have an organized plan in no time. By planning ahead, you can create an ecommerce ad strategy that coincides with your organic social, email marketing and overall business goals that is easy to follow and hard to mess up.

Q1 Ecommerce Marketing Calendar Example

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Ecommerce is King

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