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Meet KARMA jack’s Liz van Hoek

About Liz

Liz van Hoek is the Director of Operations at KARMA jack Digital Marketing Agency. Her main focus is standardizing processes, supporting her teams, and helping the company prepare to scale successfully. Liz’s personal philosophy is that operations are about more than efficiency or how quickly we can get things done. She takes a holistic, people-centric approach and believes that the best way to grow is to build systems that are intuitive to the people using them. It’s also key to automate redundant work so people can spend more time doing what they’re talented at.

Liz came from the world of hospitality, and spent over twelve years working in restaurants and hotels. She also has experience in event planning and venue management. Liz found her stride in operations while working for apartment-hotel hospitality company Sonder, and learned how to manage the challenges of rapid growth. During the pandemic she took a career break to recover from burnout, spending time with family, raising her daughter, and growing a massive vegetable garden in the backyard.

Marketing is a new space for Liz, although she feels that the basic fundamentals of operations still translate. She is excited to be learning something new, because it keeps her work feeling fresh. Systemic thinking and people management are her greatest strengths that she brings to the team. She loves that people are the pillar of KARMA jack, and that she’s been able to connect with everyone on a one-on-one basis in a way that isn’t always possible when working at a larger corporation.

Family is everything to Liz. Her daughter helps her see the world through an open, unbiased perspective, bringing a childlike wonder to new experiences. She also loves traveling, gardening, and hosting game nights with friends.

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