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The marketing landscape is changing, and FAST.  Running TV ads has always been the go-to method for traditional advertising, but how well does this strategy hold up in the current day and age?

The truth is that digital marketing fundamentally changed the game in a big way. The way we consume media is night-and-day different than it was in years past. The biggest change? YouTube. YouTube’s user base is over 1 billion, and nearly 5 billion videos are watched every single day worldwide. 

Given the way YouTube has exploded in popularity, it means advertising has to adapt to the times. Here are 5 reasons why advertising with YouTube is better than TV.

  1. More targeted – Advertising with Youtube allows for more targeting options. This allows you to ensure that your ad is only seen by those you want to see it. This leads to less wasted ad spend.
  2. Broader reach – YouTube reaches more U.S. adults, ages 18-34, than any existing networks on cable. On top of that, Youtube has 1.9 million active users who watch more than 5 billion videos per day.
  3. Less expensive – Advertising on Youtube doesn’t really have a minimum investment. Meanwhile, just to put together a television ad costs an exorbitant amount of money.
  4. More Formats – There are so many ways to advertise on Youtube, including
    a. Display ads
    b. Overlay ads
    c. Skippable ads
    d. Non-skippable ads
    e. Bumper ads
  5. Reporting metrics – Advertising with Youtube allows you to see real time analytics that can guide your campaign. You can see how your ads are doing when it comes to views, view rates, watch time, clicks and more.

Obviously, television will always have a place in advertising, but for now, Youtube is an incredible tool. To learn more about advertising with Youtube, fill out the form below.

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