Digital Marketing Case Study: Detroit Bold Coffee Co.

Digital Marketing Case Study Detroit Bold

Digital Marketing Case Study

Hailing from the same hometown as KARMA jack, Detroit Bold are the local coffee heroes. The company’s branding is blue collar, working class and reflects the rustbelt city itself. It’s also worth mentioning that they were one of our first clients for digital marketing. This week we explore the case study on Detroit Bold Coffee Co.


Detroit Bold was equipped with an amazing product, but low online sales. In addition to their own site, they had low Amazon sales. How can we help get an amazing e-commerce company the recognition it deserves? How do we get it in front of more people? 


Our solution was focusing heavily on advertising. We decided it would be best to focus on social media advertising like Facebook and Instagram. We could find a great demographic that loves coffee and Detroit-alike. Detroit Bold was made to be an easy sell, it just needed a boost. That’s why we focused on a 360 approach by improving their email marketing campaigns and SEO on their site.


The goal was to simply improve online sales. Utilizing advertising on social media, email marketing and properly utilizing SEO should be the ticket. And what happened next?


It was a hit. There was not only a 30% cost reduction, but 500% online revenue growth! People were buying. And believe it or not, they started following! That’s right, 1,200% social media engagement improvement quickly followed. Detroit Bold is another example of a success digital marketing case study.

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